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This is the planning and work page for the OSGeo Journal - Volume 2 publication.

If you want to contribute an article, add it to this list in the appropriate category. Please review the Journal License and Guidelines page first.


  • Articles welcome: Now
  • Article drafts: June 22, 2007
  • Article Submission Ends: July 3, 2007 (~30 days to submit)
  • First Draft: July 22, 2007
  • Final Publication: August 1, 2007 (~30 days from article close)

Contributors / Topics

See Journal for definition of the following categories. Add yourself if you are interested. Also review our guidelines for contributors. Note that all categories don't have to be filled, so this serves as a rough outline for the types of content we generally hope to have.


  1. Tyler Mitchell: General updates


  1. Editor: Jason Fournier
  2. Additional contributors welcome...

Event Reports (2-3 articles)

  1. Ravi Kumar: FOSS GIS in India: A Report from the first meeting of the India chapter of OSGeo
  2. ...

Project Introductions (1-2 articles)

  1. Schuyler Erle: OpenLayers (title TBD)
  2. Scott Emmons: Flexible Internet Spatial Template (FIST): a MapServer-based web mapping framework (title TBD)
  3. Daniel Ames: MapWindow: Considering MapWindow as a tool for WPS (title TBD)
  4. Jeroen Ticheler: GeoNetwork OpenSource: The FAO GeoNetwork

Case Studies (2-3 articles)

  1. Joel Schlagel: title TBD
  2. Shamim Akhter & Yann Chemin: Porting a GRASS raster module to distributed computing
  3. Rafael Sperb: Fisheries Tracking System (title TBD)
  4. David Enns: MapServer-related project example (title TBD)
  5. Giuliano Cecchi and Raffaele C. Mattioli: The role of FAO GeoNetwork in a multinational development programme: the case of the Programme Against African Trypanosomiasis
  6. ...

Integration Studies (2-3 articles)

  1. ...

Topical Studies (1-2 articles)

  1. Landon Blake: Spatial Relationships - An Introduction to Topology
  2. ...

Programming Tutorials (1-2 articles)

  1. Tim Sutton: Programming Using the QGIS API (title TBD)


  1. ...

Developer Announcements

  1. OSGeo project summaries
  2. OSGeo Local Chapter updates
  3. Markus Mueller: So simple to install: deegree releases 2.1 demos as WAR archives (before or after Local chapter updates?)
  4. ...