Journal Volume 9

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Publication Deadlines

  • Draft Articles Due: March 31, 2010
  • Final Edits to Articles Due: April 22, 2010
  • Publication: May 2, 2010


You can submit an article for Volume 9 here: [1] You can also send your article ideas to Landon Blake at or mention them on the OSGeo Newsletter mailing list.

Editorial and Publication Team

The editorial and publication team for Volume 9, like all volumes of the journal, is comprised of volunteers. We thank them for their efforts in creating and publishing the journal.

  • Editor: Tyler Mitchell
  • Assistant Editor: Landon Blake
  • Section Editor (Peer Review): Rafal Wawar
  • Section Editor (Editorial): Landon Blake
  • Section Editor (Project Spotlights and Case Studies) Micha Silver
  • Section Editor (Annual Report Sections): Landon Blake
  • Reviewer (Unassigned): Michael Gerlek
  • Reviewer (Unassigned): Ezra Boyd

SVN Repository

Articles List

  • "Processing Large LIDAR Datasets With GRASS" Doug Newcomb
  • "FOSS GIS Project Presentations at the 2011 NC GIS Conference" Julia Harrell