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Traduction du journal de l'OSGeo vol. 2


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Valid Editorial & Index Sidonie Christophe
Valid News Yjacolin
Event Reports
Valid Events of the OSGeo India Chapter
Valid Activity Report of OSGeo at Geoevenement 2007 Pierre-André Le Ny
Project Spotlight
Valid Introducing the MapWindow GIS Project
Valid GeoNetwork Open Source François Prunayre
Case Studies
Valid The role of FAO GeoNetwork in a multinational development programme
Valid The West Alexander Neighbourhood in Winnipeg
Topical Studies
Programming Tutorial
Valid Porting a GRASS raster module to distributed computing Yann Chemin
Sponsor Perspectives
Valid LizarTech: Why We Use and Support Free and Open Source Software Laurent Pierre
Valid 01Spatial: Spatial Data Quality and the Open Source Community
Local Reports
Valid Francophone Local Chapter
Valid Activity Report of OSGeo Taiwan
Valid Nascent UK Local Chapter Update
Valid Spanish Local Chapter Update
Valid Ottawa Local Chapter
Developer Announcements
Valid So simple to install
Valid OpenSource GIS: A GRASS GIS approach , 3rd Edtion


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