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Participation into several FOSS4G & FOSS4GE conferences
Participation into several FOSS4G & FOSS4GE conferences
== OSGeo experience ==
== Other activities and hobbies ==
== Other activities and hobbies ==

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Hanko, Finland



Retired. Started as operator (1973), programmer (1974), programmer, analyst and system analyst (1977 -> ), entrepreneur 8 years period.

Studies: Student, Institute for electronic data processing, Helsinki University.

After retirement studies in different Unis; related Zoology and Geography.

Other education like courses during work period >30

Spoken languages

Finnish, Swedish, English (and understanding of some other languages after some refreshments ;) )

OSGeo related

Translator in to Finnish language for gui, documentation & tutorials, web sites, for several products like QGIS, GRASS (on going), Geopaparazzi, etc.

Translator also to some non-osgeo tutorials and open source applications which relate closely

Given lectures, organised seminars related to QGIS and GRASS

Charter member 2015

Active member of OSGeo Finland, founding member of OSGeo Suomi ry (legal entity 2015), chairman of OSGeo Suomi ry (2015 ->)

Participation into several FOSS4G & FOSS4GE conferences

Other activities and hobbies

Worked as a volunteer >30 years in env.ngo in various positions

Chiropterology (a bat researcher)

Nature and sailing


phone: +358 400 804549 skype: karisalovaara email: kari DOT salovaara AT iki DOT fi