Kari Salovaara

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Hanko, Finland


Retired. Started as operator (1973), programmer (1974), programmer, analyst and system analyst (1977 -> ), entrepreneur 8 years period.


Studies: Student, Institure for electronic data processing, Helsinki University.

After retirement studies in different Unis; related Zoology and Geography.

Other education like courses during work period >30

Spoken languages

Finnish, Swedish, English (and understanding of some other languages after some refreshments ;) )

OSGeo related

Translator in to Finnish language for gui, documentation & tutorials, web sites, for several products like QGIS, GRASS (on going), Geopaparazzi

Translator also to some non-osgeo tutorials and open source applications which relate closely

Given lectures, organised seminars related to QGIS and GRASS

Active member of OSGeo Finland

Participation into several FOSS4G & FOSS4GE conferences

Other activities and hobbies

Worked as a volunteer >30 years in env.ngo in various positions

Chiropterology (a bat researcher)

Nature and sailing


phone: +358 400 804549 skype: karisalovaara email: kari DOT salovaara AT pp1 DOT inet DOT fi