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Feel free to add agenda items

Call in information

Phone number: 1-800-531-3250
Conference ID: 1048388


  • Committee Assignments
  • Logo
  • Sponsorship
  • SotM update (date confirmed as weekend before)
  • Call for Presentations


  • Peter Batty
  • Matt Krusemark
  • Tyler Mitchell
  • Rafael Moreno
  • Henry Rosales


Committee Assignments

Pete will work on this and aim to finalize key positions by next call.

The designer Steve connected us with has not been very responsive. Peter suggested considering CrowdSpring, a friend of his has had good results with them. An alternative is to use a designer that GITA has used in the past. Peter owns this item, and will decide whether to go with CrowdSpring or the designer GITA has used. We all agreed that we wanted to get this done with, but it was also agreed that it is important we have a professional looking logo.


Henry, Tyler and Pete will continue to work on the prospectus and will try to get it out by the next call. We have a spreadsheet created identifying potential sponsors, including high priority ones, mainly those who have been higher level sponsors in the past. Concerns were expressed about having the lowest level at $5K - suggestion that maybe this needs to be more like $2.5k. Agreed to follow up for feedback on sponsorship levels with Jeff, Paul and others before finalizing.

SotM Update

The Conference will take place in Denver, Friday – Sunday just prior to FOSS4G. Pete is working on a cooperation strategy with SotM - will talk more with Hurricane later today.

Call for Presentations

We are still some distance away from needing to get this done. But we need to understand what we will use for the voting system that OSGeo has used for previous conferences. Can we re-use this, and does it include a mechanism for submitting abstracts also, or is that separate? Peter will talk with Paul about the system and the data that needs to be collected.