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The OSGeo Foundation is interested in establishing contact with existing local organizations with a related charter. This page is an effort to collect a list of such organizations with a short English description of their mandate.

OSGeo Local Chapters and Interest Groups

OSGeo is starting to develop plans for Local Chapters and Interest Groups. If you are interested please go to the corresponding pages and add your thoughts, ideas and relevant links. If you think that another name would be better please suggest it here!

Re: Ideas..
LOCAL GROUPS instead of 'regional like minded'. 3 types:

  • [[1]]LANGUAGES.
  • ORGANIZATIONS/BRANCHES/LOCAL VOLUNTEERS instead of/or 'LOCAL CHAPTERS' for the geographic or/and political/administrative divisions which can share as an extra addon or maybe this to be first.

[[2]]'Interest groups' for unclasifieds. Actually they look to ocupy the place for the 'Languages' divisions(although should be official after some commits from the group) and the Local chapters actual proposals seem to confirm that is a better entry and paralel point for subdivisions..

Maps for that/this page will help the view!,

I have read about thoughts of others around and the discuss looks abit fragmentated around.. :).. I didn't know where to write or reply at every.. Visit the above link and move the bits to the right place if you are tidying this discuss  ;)