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This is a proposal and not stable yet. Join the Promotion and Visibility Committee for discussion


LinuxTag 2006 is presented in cooperation with the German Unix Users Group (GUUG) on May 3 - 6, 2006, in the Rhein-Main-Hallen, Wiesbaden, Germany.

As every year since 1996, LinuxTag invites you to take advantage of its unique synthesis: LinuxTag is a complete conference program and a professional exhibition; a unique information platform where .COM meets .ORG.

Open Source Geospatial Foundation Projects

An exhibition area of 25 sqm has been reserved for OSGeo projects.

It is intended to create a close affiliation with the PostgreSQL Group through PostGIS as a friend project and part of the SDI stack.

Workshop, OSGeo Meeting and Sprint Area

We have requested for a meeting room in the conference area to use for face to face meetings, conduct workshops or to set up an ad hoc sprint, contest, Open Space, whatever. Currently we aim at a room capacity of up to 40 participants, confirmation pending.

OSGeo Foundation presenation

A slot has been requested in the main conference program to present Open Source Geospatial Foundation mission, projects and news.

Contributors and Sponsoring

Several organisations, individuals and companies contribute hardware, staff or appear as sponsors:

Contact Arnulf Christl ( if you would like to contribute, volunteers, users and companies are welcome to present projects, help staff booths, join the organization team and we always welcome additional sponsors.