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Packages status

Application Local URL:port FOSS4G2009 version Contact Install script Example packaged? Documentation packaged? RAM usage Disk size username password Comment
Xubuntu 9.04 base user user
52°North Sensor Observation Service Bastian Schäffer

WMS, WFS, WCS, iGeoPortal
desktop icon; http://localhost:8081 2.2 Judit Mays YES Utah dvd specific: NO
standard-doc: YES
512MB max 409MB user
(Tomcat Manager)
user Tomcat Ports:
8006 (Shutdown)
8081 (Connector)
8444 (Redirect)
GDAL 1.6 by others NO NO n/a n/a UbuntuGIS ppa
GeoNetwork http://localhost:8880/geonetwork/ 2.4.1 Ricardo Pinho Simon Pigot YES ISO, DC and FGDC metadata YES 512MB max 183MB admin admin Official install pack (Jetty + Geoserver + McKoi).
GeoServer http://localhost:8082/geoserver/ 1.7.6 Andrea Aime YES YES NO admin geoserver
GpsDrive desktop icon; localhost:2947 (gpsd); UDP:50123 (friendsd service) 2.10pre7 H. Bowman YES Sydney roadmaps YES 22mb? >70mb n/a n/a gpsd must be started manually
GRASS desktop icon 6.4.0rc5 H. Bowman YES Spearfish; NC NO minimal >250mb n/a n/a UbuntuGIS ppa
gvSIG desktop icon 1.9RC1 Jorge Sanz YES NO YES
Kosmo 1.2.1 stable SAIG YES NO YES
Kosmo 2 2.0 beta SAIG YES NO YES
Mapfish Cédric Moullet
Mapnik localhost:8000 Dane Springmeyer YES
Mapserver http://localhost/mapserver 5.0.0-3 .deb NO NO
MapTiler 1.0 beta1 Klokan Petr Pridal YES NO NO minimal minimal n/a n/a dependent on GDAL1.6 from QGis or GRASS repositories
MB System disabled 5.1.2beta11 H. Bowman YES NO man pages minimal 300mb n/a n/a script disabled pending shared lib build
Open Jump desktop icon 1.3 Landon Blake YES
Open Layers NO Bundled in GeoServer
pgRouting 1.03 Anton Patrushev YES Sydney road network data NO
PostGIS desktop icon;localhost:5432 8.3 .deb NO NO user user using ident auth
PROJ.4 by others NO NO n/a n/a
QuantumGIS desktop icon 1.3.0 Alex Mandel (Wildintellect) YES NO NO 85.6mb(incl. Grass?) UbuntuGIS ppa
uDig desktop icon 1.2M6 Jody Garnett YES NO NO

What terms mean:

  • Application : Name of application, and link to external home page
  • Local URL:port : How to access the application on the LiveDVD
  • FOSS4G2009 version : Version of the software installed on the LiveDVD
  • Contact : The person to contact to fix up the install script if required
  • Install script : Link to the svn install script location
  • Example packaged? : Yes/No. We might change this to link to an example
  • Documentation packaged? : Yes/No. We might change this to a link to the documentation
We want help that pertains specifically to the Live-image, basically we created a doc folder in svn for people to put text or preferably an html page that tells people how to start the application and load the examples if available.
  • RAM usage: How much RAM is used when running the application and nothing else
  • Disk size : How much disk space is required to install it, and any extra applications that need to be installed specifically for this application
  • username: If a username/password is required
  • password: If a username/password is required
  • Comment:

Included Data

The following data was included on the 2008 Arramagong Live DVD and is being considered for the FOSS4G 2009 DVD.

Data Location Notes
Alaska /usr/local/share/qgis_sample_data The Alaska Dataset is a free dataset including raster and vector data for the state of Alaska, as well as boundary polygons for neighbouring countries. The Alaskan state boundary is also available in the PostGIS database test.
Australian postgres database The Australian Dataset consists of low-scale vector data for australian roads, rails and rivers, as well as political boundary shapes Australia and surrounding areas.
Blue Marble /usr/local/share/bluemarble Blue Marble is the blue marble.
Spearfish /usr/local/share/datagrass The spearfish demo is provided in GRASS compatible formats.