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Packages status

The list of Live GIS packages is now in a Google doc spreadsheet

Package wishlist

(for the next version; please volunteer to write an install script and overview/quickstart documentation!)

OGC's CITE Team Engine
The OGC's Conformance and Testing Engine for web services.
Contact: Luis Bermudez
A set of libraries and apps for site-level terrain visualization.
Contact: Ben Discoe
Starspan (Java)
Contact: Jonathan Greenberg?'
concerns: is the project established yet?
NASA World Wind
(Java; maybe too toolkitish and not enough of an end user app?)
concerns: [1] [2]
Contact: Scott Penrose
supports GPS maps in GeoTiff format as well as Garmin's img vector map format. Aims to be a great geodata viewer like QGIS, but without all the expert tools.
  • Already an Ubuntu 10.04 package
Contact: ?
Opticks is a remote sensing and imagery analysis software platform
applied for OSGeo incubation
Contact: Dustan Adkins
for cataloging netCDF data
Contact: Ethan Davis
for serving netCDF as a WMS
Contact: Jon Blower
A Modern, Lightweight Open-Source JavaScript Library for Interactive Maps by CloudMade
Contact: Vladimir Agafonkin
An open source geographic data processing engine for high performance applications.
Tile building designer
Contact: Dane Springmeyer
Feature Data Object (FDO) is an OSGeo graduated library.
Contact: ?
a local place based wiki software.
Contact: Philip Neustrom
a python framework for building geo websites, it's what localwiki is built on. Maybe we can copy the existing tutorial which in RST.
note that geodjango is part of python-django package now, in django/contrib/gis
python-django-doc package supplies /usr/share/doc/python-django-doc/html/ref/contrib/gis
Contact: Justin Bronn
A packaged stack of PostGIS/GeoServer/pycsw. It's primary goal is to let users upload data sets, fill out minimal metadata, then allow it all to be remixed in web maps and shared out via WMS, WFS, Tiles, etc.
As of May 2012, requires a custom GeoServer (Moving to work with stock geoserver while disabling features that require extensions)
Contact: Ariel Nunez, Jeffrey Johnson
Distributed Spatial Data Versioning
Contact: Jeffrey Johnson, David Winslow

EasySDI is a simple and ready-to-use solution to deploy a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) based on ISO/OGC standards. The solution is particularly designed for setting up discovery, view and download services in a securized environement with rights management and multilingual support.
Contact: Xavier Merour
web authoring tool configurator for GIS projects, based on Mapserver/OpenLayers. Applied for OSGeo incubation,
Contact: Roberto Starnini
i3Geo is a Web Based Geoportal with Geoprocessing, Analisys, Consult and Editing Tools that allows: the creation of interactive maps on the Web, the dissemination of data through OGC services, connect to social networks and download of data. i3Geo organizes data in a catalog of themes. The administrator can allow themes can be provided as a OGC service or for be download. Uses MapServer to provide OGC Services and OpenLayers Libraries for connect maps services. Stable from 2.006, now have more than 9.000 users registred and is part of Software Publico Brasil, official repository of the Brazil Federal Government
Contact: Valenty Gonzalez
Cartaro GIS CMS
Geospatial CMS based upon Drupal, PostGIS, GeoServer, GeoWebCache and OpenLayers.
Contact: Patric Hafner
Working to develop an open source, federated web application to discover, preview, and retrieve geospatial data.
Contact: Patrick Florance
Geospatial Content Management System based upon Postgis, MapServer and OpenLayers.
Contact: Marco Afonso

Current OSGeo-Live Web Portals

A browser based mapping framework for displaying distributed cartographic data. It is particularly useful for managing spatial and non-spatial data within county, city and municipal offices (from which GeoMoose originated).
Contact: Bob Basques
Geomajas is an extensible web mapping framework which seamlessly integrates powerful server side algorithms into the web browser.
Contact: Pieter De Graef
Web based geoportal framework to publish, register, view, navigate, monitor and grant secure access to spatial data infrastructure services.
Contact: Astrid Emde