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# Sergio Baños Calvo, listas saig.es
# Sergio Baños Calvo, listas saig.es
# Alexander Muriy, amuriy gmail.com
# Alexander Muriy, amuriy gmail.com
# Micha Silver, micha arava co il
[[Category: Live-demo]]
[[Category: Live-demo]]

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OSGeo-Live Quickstart 48 hour Hackathon

25 January 2013

We are organising an "OSGeo-Live Quickstart 48 hour hackathon", aimed squarely at bringing OSGeo-Live documentation quality up one notch, by putting the Quickstarts through the same comprehensive testing and review that we have provided for our Project Overviews. (Credit to Javi and the OSGeo-Live Spanish community for suggesting the initiative).

The Hackathon will kick off with a one hour IRC meeting with everyone, followed by a 48 hour round the clock hangout, with people dropping in where appropriate for their timezone and work/family schedules.

Pre Hackfest:


Review process:

Please let me know if you would like to join us, and I'll make sure to look out for you. Depending on numbers, we might also set up a Google Hangout.


  1. Cameron Shorter, cameron . shorter AT gmail . com
  2. Angelos Tzotsos, gcpp.kalxas gmail.com
  3. Hamish, hamish_b yahoo.com
  4. Brian Hamlin, maplabs light42.com
  5. Alex Mandel, tech wildintellect.com
  6. Javi Sanchez, jsgisdev gmail.com
  7. Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas, jsanz osgeo.org
  8. Sergio Baños Calvo, listas saig.es
  9. Alexander Muriy, amuriy gmail.com
  10. Micha Silver, micha arava co il