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Dear OSGeo-Live contributors,

As you might know, we are working on translating OSGeo-Live Documentation using the Transifex Platform.

We choose that in order to provide a better translation experience than the old .rst files and git one.

It will help us doc building process of course, but we also add machine translation capabilities (thanks to <compagny name>) to help translators.

It adds a review part too, that was sometimes not possible with the old system (when the merger didn't speak the language), so it will help us provide better quality documentation.

All that said, the platform is online [1], ready to test. So we need early translators to battle test it with several languages, writing systems and such.

We are in the moment where we can start testing the infrastructure and our first draft of the translator guide [2]. For testing the infrastructure, translated files are needed, you can translate based on the priority mark, or on the amount of lines to be translated, or complete a translation that someone else started, or start with your project. Note that we already marked files that don't need translation.

Some feedback about the guide is 100% useful. (probably the guide is more for a reviewer than for a translator) If the images below don't show in your mail, they are included in our translator guide [2]

They are mark with a red >> on the left:

OSGEo-Live transifex 01 index.png

After that testing phase, we will work on translating included project, where people from the projects can help us.

Those files generally start by overview-- or quickstart-- and are mark with an orange >

OSGEo-Live transifex 02 second priority.png

The files marked with a green dash doesn't need to be translated (and would be retired at some point).

OSGEo-Live transifex 03 retired files.png

Best way to start is to filter for v11 files and descending priority:

OSGEo-Live transifex 04 priority.png

As you can see on the dashboard [3], we have already 8 languages registered waiting for translators:

- finnish - french - german - greek - japanese - polish - spanish - Mexican spanish

If you can help us translating those languages, or help us with another, please create an account on transifex and join us.

If you have any question, please join us on IRC or on this mailing list.

Vicky Vergara and Nicolas Roelandt

OSGeo-Live team