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The OSGeo-Live Project Steering Committee (PSC) is the official managing body of OSGeo-Live and is responsible for setting overall project direction. The committee is drawn from the OSGeo-Live community and is based on merit and interest.


Decisions are based on voting using the following:

  • +1 : For
  • +0: Mildly for, but mostly indifferent
  • 0: Indifferent
  • -0: Mildly against, but mostly indifferent
  • -1 : Strongly against. This is expected to be accompanied by a reason.

For most decisions, a motion is raised within one of the OSGeo-Live open forums (IRC, email list, etc) and those present vote and decide. Should there be contention in deciding, and after discussion at least one member is still strongly against the motion, the motion should be referred to the PSC.

For motions presented to the PSC, a motion is considered passed when there are more PSC +1 votes than -1 votes, and either all PSC members have voted, or 4 days have passed. In the case of a tie, the PSC chair shall have 1.5 votes.

PSC Members

Our thanks to previous PMC members:

Expectations of PSC members

  • Regularly contribute to OSGeo-Live or related activities
  • Help with whatever dirty work is required to keep the project moving forward
  • Monitor OSGeo-Live conversations, either in weekly IRC meetings, or on the email list, and contribute constructively where appropriate
  • Vote promptly (within days) to motions being raised

Credit: This management process draws heavily from other OSGeo project PMC processes.