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> Hi,
Pakistan OSGeo Chapter
> I'd like to start a local chapter in '''XYZ Region'''.  Please tell me
> what I can do to get started on this.
I received a very useful response to a similar question.  I created a page with the response at [[Local Chapters/Tips And Guidance]]
A common and exciting question!  Hope the following steps can answer some of your questions.
0. Review [[Local Chapter Guidelines]] to make sure you understand what a [[Local Chapters|Local Chapter]] does and should look like.
1. Start a wiki page for this local chapter.  Register and just create a new page on our wiki and start collecting names of people or organisations who are interested in meeting .. and collect any other general information you'd like to share with people about the chapter.
Link it from the local chapters page:
http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Local_Chapters (note some countries with multiple chapters are grouped under a higher level heading)
2. Join the OSGeo main "Discuss" mailing list and introduce the idea there.  Then anyone who is on the list and cares about the '''XYZ Region''' will be able to find you.  Point them to the wiki page in step #1 above so you can start to feel who is interested.
3.  Once you get a critical mass of people or need a better forum for regional discussion, we should create a mailing list for you.  You can submit a ticket/request to the sysadmin committee and request the list.  Provide who the main contacts/administrators of the list should be.
4.  After a few months of growing, you may wish to become formally recognised by OSGeo as an official local chapter.  The OSGeo Board will want to see that your group is inclusive of newcomers (and open group), has critical mass to maintain movement and seeks to share common goals with the foundation.  When you're ready, email the board mailing list with your request to be acknowledged.  The board meets once a month and will discuss it at the next meeting.
For more information, questions or corrections feel free to contact:
: Jeff McKenna, President
: Open Source Geospatial Foundation
: Email: info at osgeo.org

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