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<b>Pakistan OSGeo Chapter Coordinator</b><br>
<b>Pakistan OSGeo Chapter Coordinator</b><br>
* Mr.Munir Ahmad(Survey of Pakistan)
* Mr.Munir Ahmad (Survey of Pakistan)
== '''Initial Membership''' ==
== '''Initial Membership''' ==

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Pakistan Chapter of OSGeo

About Pakistan OSGeo Chapter

This section is in DRAFT.


  • To promote the use, development and exchange of Open Source Geospatial technologies for creating and harvesting location based products and services.


  • To provide an interactive platform for collaboration of developers and users of Open Source Geospatial technologies and tools in the country.

Pakistan OSGeo Chapter Officers

Pakistan OSGeo Representative

  • Mr.Asmat Ali (Survey of Pakistan)

Pakistan OSGeo Chapter Coordinator

  • Mr.Munir Ahmad (Survey of Pakistan)

Initial Membership

  • Dr.Rizwan Bulbul
  • Dr.Ali Tahir
  • Dr.Muhammad Imran
  • Mr.Shoab Alam
  • Mr.Tariq Malik