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== External Sites ==
== External Sites ==
* Done: LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=67505
* Done: LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=67505
* Done: Cafepress shop: http://www.cafepress.com/osgeo (also all items)

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Logo in 200 pixels width

The OSGeo Logo has been updated. It came into being through an incredibly slow process running for more than a year but finally here it is. Technical reasons like better stichability were the initial reasons to update it but then a professional designer made a few suggestions and we have created a short story around it. Here it goes: The tips of the compass rose have grown out of the outer ring. OSGeo is growing bigger than we imagined and it has grown beyond its initial scope. The outer ring is open so that OSGeo can connect with others. Which can be different tag lines. There is the general OSGeo tag line "Your Open Source Compass"[1] and already three more versions for the sponsors reading "Sustaining", "Supprting" and "Associate" plus two special versions reading "Projects" and "Incubation". As yet we have no tag lines for "Education" and Geodata" but this can be changed.

Further suggestions are welcome.

Extra Versions

If you need your own version of the OSGeo Logo reading your Local Chapters initials or domain name, feel free to create it. Embrace the new OSGeo logo in your design and wear it with respect. Leave the sponsor logos as they are and use them only if you are an official sponsor.

Technical Notices

  • If you need special formats or resolutions go ahead or ask us.
  • Beare of the colors in the EPS files, GIMP tends to render them in primary colors.
  • The Logo Guidelines will be updated soon. They detail usage, color codes and copyright information.

[1] People say "Your Open Source Compass" is lame. Have a better idea? Here goes:

OSGeo services that need to be updated

External Sites