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Map Overlay and Statistical System (MOSS)


This wiki page summarizes all currently available facts, links and references about the first open source GIS application MOSS.


MOSS Codebase Search & Rescue Effort

20190327: BLM ceased during the last year (date unknown) to host the MOS sources on its FTP site. The BLM library did not archive a digital copy. The original author, Carl Reed has been contacted by Peter Loewe (PL) for a copy of the source code (status:pending).

20190329: The wayback-machine of the Internet Archive did take snapshots of the FTP site, but apparently not the subdirectories:*/

20190610: The BLM library was able to provide a few scanned documents regarding MOSS (to be uploaded to this wiki). PL asked them to investigate wether a digital copy could still exist offline at BLM.