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Introduction to the Open Source Geospatial Foundation Wiki

This is the community Wiki of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation. Please refer to the official web site for official documents and policies. This Wiki is the place where documents such as committee notes, discussion on software projects, and proposals can be created collaboratively.

See Getting Started for how to dive in and get involved. We have Local Chapters, which work regionally and in other languages. We also have many active Mailing Lists for discussions. Take a moment to visit our Library.

The OSGeo has an official structure but the movement is much larger. You are free to join with us and add yourself to the All Members page.

OSGeo has a History and Roadmap for the future.


For a list of scheduled or regularly scheduled meetings of the Board Committees and Working Groups refer to the Foundation Calendar.

Project Specific Wiki

The following are sub-sections of the wiki, specific to hosted open source projects at

Current Proposals and Documents in Editing Process

Project requests

Project Tools Project Tool FAQ

Useful Notes

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