MapServer Report 2012

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  • Contact name: Steve Lime, PSC Chair

Key Accomplishments

  • One major release:
    • MapServer 6.2 released on November 14, 2012. See the Release Announcement for the list of new features and enhancements in this release
  • Several minor releases tied to bug fixes and security improvements:
  • Participation in the Seattle/IslandWood Code Sprint in February 2012
  • Migration of source repository and tickets management from SVN/Trac to GitHub, see RFC 84

Areas for Improvement

  • Keeping documentation up-to-date with development remains a challenge
  • Continue work to attract additional developer talent to the project.
  • Cleanup bug backlog (550+ open bugs), and triage new bugs more effectively.
  • Google Summer of Code: continue to try and attract more students

Opportunities to Help

  • General website, documentation and translations maintenance.
  • New coders always welcome, a good way to start is by contributing bug reports and patches.
  • Experienced users can contribute to the release process by testing the betas and release candidates and reporting their results.

Outlook for 2013