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* cache directory:
* cache directory:
* viewing seed levels: http://demo.mapserver.org:8081/geocache/tms1.0.0/osm-denver@osmgrid/

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Server Overview


  • 2010-09-28 mapserver tutorial configured
  • 2010-09-23 mapserver installed through FGS


MapServer Installation on AdhocVM

  • MapServer 5.6.5 through FGS
  • home: /osgeo/mapserver/fgs/

Apache Configuration

A virtualhost is setup for demo.mapserver.org, through:

  • /etc/apache2/sites_available/demo.mapserver.org
    • to enable the virtualhost, the following command was used:
   /usr/sbin/a2ensite demo.mapserver.org

Note that a proxy is setup to use the FGS Apache

  • server logfiles live at:
   ErrorLog /var/log/apache2/demo.mapserver.org-error_log
   CustomLog /var/log/apache2/demo.mapserver.org-access_log combined

Restarting FGS Apache

  • set the FGS environment, in /osgeo/mapserver/fgs/ execute the command:
   . setenv.sh
  • then execute:
   fgs stop ; fgs start

Adding Apache Aliases

  • see examples in /osgeo/mapserver/fgs/www/conf.d/

Services on the AdhocVM

For each service you configure on demo.mapserver.org, please edit /osgeo/mapserver/fgs/www/htdocs/index.html and list your new service.

MapServer Tutorial

World Blue Marble

WMS Service (for Documentation)

  • Small mapfile serving a raster file, and a single point, line, and poly file. Used in the MapServer docs.
  • On Disk: /osgeo/mapserver/ogc-demos/map/wms.map
  • On Web: http://demo.mapserver.org/cgi-bin/wms?
  • Administrator: jmckenna

WMS Landsat7 Service (for Documentation)

WFS Service (for Documentation)

  • Small mapfile serving a point and polygon shapefile. Used in the MapServer docs.
  • On Disk: /osgeo/mapserver/ogc-demos/map/wfs.map
  • On Web: http://demo.mapserver.org/cgi-bin/wfs?
  • Administrator: jmckenna

WCS Service (for Documentation)

  • Minnesota DNR demo, includes MODIS and NDVI imagery. Used in the MapServer docs.
  • On Disk: /osgeo/mapserver/ogc-demos/map/wcs.map
  • On Web: http://demo.mapserver.org/cgi-bin/wcs?
  • Administrator: jmckenna

OGR Examples (for Documentation)

  • Small examples of OGR formats used in MapServer. Used in the MapServer docs.
  • On Disk: /osgeo/mapserver/ogr-demos/
  • On Web: http://demo.mapserver.org/ogr-demos/
  • Administrator: jmckenna

WMS OpenStreetMap Service (for Documentation)

  • OSM data for Colorado loaded into PostgreSQL database, served by MapServer. Used in the MapServer OpenLayers app on main site.
  • On Disk: /osgeo/mapserver/osm/map/osm.map
  • On Web: http://demo.mapserver.org/cgi-bin/foss4g?
  • Administrator: jmckenna
  • mapfile styling comes from the 'mapserver-utils' project
    • 'default.style' was used because there were errors with 'mapserver.style'
  • To log into the 'osm' database:
    • cd /osgeo/mapserver/fgs
    • . setenv.sh
    • psql -U postgres -d osm
      • password for postgres user is postgres

Caching for mapserver.org OpenLayers viewer

  • geocache.xml lives in:
   sudo /osgeo/mapserver/httpd/bin/apachectl restart
  • mapfile:
  • seed command:
   sudo geocache_seed -c geocache.xml -t osm-denver -g osmgrid -z 10,19
  • cache directory: