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Get an impression how Mapbender can look like and what you can do with Mapbender:


Mapbender is the tip of the iceberg, a meta layer of software providing access to the OSGeo SDI stack.

The end-user interfaces are highly focused, only showing the required functionality, making is easy to use. At the same time, it is possible to create full-fledged interfaces with security proxying, digitizing, auto snapping and more.

Management interfaces empower administrators who need to maintain and categorize map and feature services and grant access to individuals, groups and other services. Adherence to standardized services, such as WMS and transactional WFS, allows them to take advantage of interoperable services from various server platforms.


Mapbender has its roots in Germany and is still mostly being used in German language countries, but more and more Mapbender spreads all over the world.

You can the join community: