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Mapbender is a backend for client development and deployment with multi-client capable user management and security framework for OGC standardized services. The main point of information is the managed Wiki at Find all information there.

OSGeo Incubation and Graduation

Mapbender is an officially graduated OSGeo Project. Read the Mapbender Incubation Process Documentation and Rovenance review:

Read more about the Incubation Process on the Incubation Committee page. Find more details of incubation efforts of all OSGeo Projects on the category page.


Mapbender has its roots in Germany and is still mostly being used in German language countries, increasingly also all over Europe. In an effort to better coordinate development we met in Bonn to discuss a roadmap, current issues, code conventions, use of libraries, etc. in Bonn, Germany. The agenda and first results can be found on the corresponsing Wiki page.