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== Goals ==
== Goals ==
To promote the Foundation mission it's Projects and [[Local Chapters]].
To promote the Foundation mission, its Projects and [[Local Chapters]].
== Meetings ==
== Meetings ==

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All are welcome to work with and contribute to this committee. There are several ways to get involved and various tools that we use to manage our work.

All pages in this Wiki related to Marketing should be tagged with Category:Marketing.


To promote the Foundation mission, its Projects and Local Chapters.


All Marketing Meetings are open to anyone who wants to listen in or comment. Please refer to Marketing Meetings for agenda, date, times and minutes.

Press Releases

Current Marketing Activities

Marketing Pipeline

Marketing Pipeline lists the various channels where OSGeo and OSGeo projects are promoted.

Event Coordination

The Marketing Committee helps to coordinate the Foundation's presence at tradeshows, conferences, workshops, etc. We can coordinate the booth, supply materials, arrange for speakers, etc. Please see out Event Management page for more information.

Upcoming events are listed on the Category:Events page by adding the Category to the corresponding page.


This needs to be fleshed out and upated --Arnulf Christl 12:49, 17 April 2012 (PDT)

Committee Members

Committee members are eligible to vote. The process to become Committee member is to send a nomination (self nomination is fine) with an introduction of the candidate. The committee will then make a motion at the next meeting.

Inactive Members

Past Members

Please help list past members here for reference and Kudos

Old Press Releases

Check out the OSGeo Foundation (Press Release Process). If you have news you think is worthy of an OSGeo press release, or want to help translate some text? Let us know!

Past press releases

The Marketing Committee was formerly known as the Promotion and Visibility Committee.