Marketing Meeting 2008.04.16

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FOSS4G 2008

  • What can we do to promote FOSS4G in SA?

'* Use and brand an existing Live CD for promo purposes, redistribution?

Discussion of Communication Plan

See also Marketing Proposal 2007. Document has been edited by Tyler and distributed to Daniele. Disussion.

  • What can Open Source Marketing do for us?
Very short discussion, mainly definition of term. See also link in IRC.

Case Studies

Good. Continue.


Collect, discuss events.

  • California Geographical Society Annual Meeting: Conservation and Planning for Sustainability Details (1.6MB PDF)

Discuss updates and how to proceed with getting the new Logo to the people.

  • Inform WebCom and make date for change.
  • This should be accompanied by an announcement on OSGeo Discuss
  • How can Marketing take advantage and spread word and build the brand?

OSGeo Membership

There is no formal membership except Charter Members and one Executive Director. Active members need two user-ids (one for services like Trac, SVN, CMS, SAC and another one for the Wiki). This is a proposal OSGeo Membership how to make use of the OSGeo Wiki user to connect the member area to the OSGeo Stack.