Marketing Meeting 2016-11-25

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The next Marketing meeeting takes place on Mo/Tu, 4/5 June, 2012 at 20:30:00 UTC time.

For more info on joining the meeting see Marketing Meetings page.


Agenda (we did not manage to stick to the agenda):

  1. welcome new committee members
  2. 2017 planning
  3. budget request from board
  4. website
  5. exhibition pack
  6. Suggest timeslot for future meetings


Attending: Marc(chair), jody(secretary), jeffery, nicolas, astrid

Meeting Notes: notes


  • General introductions, acknowledgement that this is a committee reboot
  • Very hard to focus on agenda
    • number of things needing fixing (even for just the website) is a distraction
  • Board has asked for 2017 Budget and committee guidelines
    • We will need to negotiate a clear mandate with the board to answer that question
  • Board has asked if the marketing committee we would like to be in charge of a website reboot?
    • Yes
  • website discussion
    • user-focused website
    • RFP for external party, rather than rely on volunteer labour
    • Expectation for $50k based on similar projects
  • Short Term Planning
  • Mid-term website planning
    • Strategy / Scope in December
    • RFP January
    • Award contract end of January
    • Feburary start, expect a 2-3 month contract
    • website deadline - foss4g boston


  • action: bi-weekly meeting, next meeting Dec 14th (hangout, same time)
  • team 1: Marc and jody shows interest in the committee and establishing mandate / budget. And then onto the 2017 stratagy document.
    • action: mandate discussion with board
    • action: budget request with board
  • action: marc marketing plan google doc
  • team 2: Jeff and nicolas show interest in website / branding may be interested in managing the rfp / vendor management.
    • action: jeff start terms of reference google doc
    • action: astrid review existing marketing collateral