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Meeting Details


  • Enock, Astrid


  • Review Marketing Meeting 2020-06-26
  • Podcast Status
  • Preparation for AGM
  • USB Ruforum next steps
  • Marketing in Covid-19 times
  • please add more topics


promote SOTM Lightening Talk II

New admins for marketing list

  • Enock and Astrid are now admins to Marketing list

Podcast Status

  • Podcast Status: ask Jody on this, meeting with Daniel?



  • Catch up with RUFORUM conversions and get back to everyone

Marketing in Covid-19 times

  • more activity on twitter and other social media
  • Share videos of previous FOSS4G talks and workshops; blog post
  • idea: post interesting talk / workshop links from past OSGeo event


  • ACTION: Enock promote SOTM Lightening Talk II
  • ACTION: Enock Catch up with RUFORUM conversions
  • ACTION: Update AGM Slide
  • ACTION: Activity on social media