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A few random thoughts coming out of conversations at FOSS4G 2009:

Project Code Analysis and Promotion on

Presenters like to use stats from to help in marketing. Sometimes these are the main objective stats we have. Here are some todo items for OSGeo projects in the site:

  1. Review the "enlistments" used for each project. Some may point to outdated urls for the right SVN or CVS repositories. Check specifically to see if duplicates of code are being indexed.
  2. Ensure project logo is populated on ohloh site. This is important for those of us who use ohloh 'widgets'. Projects without logo appear as a silly broken image.
  3. Ensure we have a project "manager" assigned in the ohloh
  4. Do a brief check of stats manually, e.g. to ensure other project code is not being added to the stats, that is generally looks right in the timeline, etc.
  5. Discuss with incubation committee about adding registration to their list of guidelines.

... more to come