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I offer the following two lists for your consideration: a "WHO" list, showing who are the types of people we want to outreach to, and a "HOW" list, showing the various approaches we can use to do the outreaching. I'm just brainstorming here, and I have a developer-centric bias -- feel free to add/edit/amend.

If you recall back to your Marketing 101 class, you'll see where I'd like to go with this: once we get these fleshed out, we can then build a simpe table showing the intersection of the two lists, and use that to assign our limited resources for best advantage.


  • media
    • magazine journalists
    • bloggers
  • for-profit corporate types (can break down into "big companies (e.g. Autodesk)", "little companies (e.g. LizardTech)", and "independents & friendlies (e.g. Refractions))
    • VP-level
    • project leads, product managers, senior engineers / architects
    • engineers
  • other well-known OS names
  • other OS foundations
  • well-known GIS/geo types, e.g. key-noter types
  • independent consultant types
  • non-profit types
  • academia
    • professors
  • government
    •  ?
  • user groups


  • monthly(?) newsletter from Foundation
  • tradeshows/conferences/etc (different types: technical or OS focussed, industry/general, academic)
    • booth
    • talks
    • workshops
    • BOFs
  • magazine articles
    • technical articles
    • educational articles
    • interviews with well-known OSGeo names
  • direct contact
    • contact key influencers, many names/addresses already known by OSGeo members
    • invite-only forum at shows? (e.g. host small dinner or luncheon)
  • press releases
  • blogs
  • case studies and white papers