Marketing to-do 2016/2017

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0. Concept Marketing plan 2016/2017

  • Marc Vloemans
  • slist and incorporatie feed back from the projects, local chapters and Board.

1. Improve our Marketing wiki pages.

2. Exhibition-Pack

  • To encourage people to make an OSGeo booth we could provide light weight material (postcards, sticker, table cloth) that we send to the conference team to make a booth.
  • It would not cost too much to send the exhibition-pack to people and would be a nice gesture.
  • Hundreds of sticker and postcards are waiting in boxes at my place.
  • Flyer can people print on their own. But a nice parcel with first-aid exhibition pack would be great.
  • as a first marketing wave we could send the first-aid exhibition pack to every local chapter

3. Work on more new marketing material

3.1 Design

  • Nicolas Bozon
  • He presenteer redesigns the logo and puts guidelines together for future reference and individual reddering of collaterale items

3.2 Pins

3.3 Roll-Ups and Table cloth

  • improve the design for both

3.4 Flyer

  • improve the layout of our OSGeo flyer

3.5 OSGeo-Live

  • how can we motivate to use OSGeo-Live on presentation computers, in


  • production of USB Sticks (?)