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Contact [http://www.grassbook.org/neteler/ Markus Neteler] or 'neteler*osgeo.org'
Contact [http://www.grassbook.org/neteler/ Markus Neteler] or 'neteler*osgeo.org'
; OSGeo Experience

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Markus Neteler {{#umSetParam: 11.13532|46.19281|Fondazione E. Mach, Trento|Neteler|Markus Neteler}}

Contact Markus Neteler or 'neteler*osgeo.org'

OSGeo Experience
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What's hot:

  • http://tinyurl.com/tree-four-freedoms - "Let the four freedoms paradigm apply to ecology" - letter to Trends in Ecology & Evolution, Volume 27, Issue 6, 310-311, 20 April 2012
  • Neteler, M., Bowman, M.H., Landa, M. and Metz, M. (2012): GRASS GIS: a multi-purpose Open Source GIS. Environmental Modelling & Software, 31: 124-130 (DOI)
  • Neteler, M., Roiz, D., Rocchini, D., Castellani, C. and Rizzoli, A. (2011). Terra and Aqua satellites track tiger mosquito invasion: modeling the potential distribution of Aedes albopictus in north-eastern Italy. International Journal of Health Geographics, 10:49 (PDF)

My goals 2010-2011 (as a director)

  • Board:
    • [✓] Extend the OSGeo mission statement: add "collaborative"
    • consider a MoU with OpenStreetMap Foundation to clarify relationship for people outside of communities
    • consider two F2F board of directors meetings per year
    • discuss charter member fee (as most organizations worldwide have incl. OSGeo local chapters)
  • Conference
    • run two conferences per year in different parts of the world rather than targeting at 2000 participants. One could be the current conference, the other more workshop oriented (Geoff Zeiss: make that topic oriented)
  • Marketing
    • Edu Marketing reachout initiative - better advertise the multi-language Edu portal
  • Data
  • Business
    • Service providers directory: better support individual freelancers
    • consider to establish a FOSS4G "engineer" certificate (which can even generate revenue for OSGeo)
  • Community
    • better link OSGeo int'l and local chapters (basically poor performance of many OSGeo liason officers. Maybe tag important messages and send to new local-chapters list?)
    • [✓] promote a spatially more representative charter membership structure: elections went into this direction, see: Board of Directors Report 2011

My OSGeo related proposals


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