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For those who like the environment for communication, there is community.

Access to community rooms is mostly public. Many rooms are bridged already to corresponding IRC channels.

In case of problem, you may contact User:Strk.

OSGeo does not currently host a Matrix homeserver but might do so in the future, see for updates or help on that task.

  1. Using Matrix as an IRC client

To effectively use Matrix as an IRC client for use with OSGeo channels, you should register your nickname with Freenode services and instruct the Matrix bridge to hold that identity for you. To do so:

  1. In matrix, open a room connection to, this will connect you to the freenode nickserv
  2. If you haven't done so already, enter the command register [<email>] <password>. This will register your nickname (needs you to follow instructions sent by email to complete the registration)
  3. Enter the command identify [<nickname>] <password> This will identify your matrix user with Freenode
  4. Open a direct chat (in matrix) with
  5. Use !storepass nickname:password to store your irc nickname and password with matrix to send automatically when you login to matrix

Then restart your matrix session to test