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This member meeting is scheduled for 19 March 2018 18:00 UTC in Bonn

Time / Location

We have chosen the location and time as in the same week will be the Face_to_Face_Meeting_Bonn_2018, OSGeo Code Sprint 2018 and FOSSGIS Konferenz 21.-24.3.2018.


Ideas for Bonn Member Meeting

We would like to have a discussion on OSGeo topics for about 2 hours. Afterwards we would like to invite you for a drink and continue the discussion socially.

  1. Welcome to OSGeo in 2018
  2. Diversity in our Community
  3. Committee Health and Happiness
  4. (Please add ideas to this list)

Our president is running this meeting, format may be subject to change depending on numbers attending.

Update: Format was "unmeaning" with post-it notes on a whiteboard, questions and answer format (with volunteers stepping up to answer questions).

About the idea of OSGeo Member Meetings

The OSGeo board would like to invite you to participate in one of the "Member Meetings" being scheduled 2018:

We would love a chance to talk with you and hope you can attend one of the above events. This is a great possibility to come together with the charter members, to discuss and to get to know each other.

At FOSS4G Europe 2017 we had a wonderful board meeting, that many members were able to attend, resulting in a great discussion. We would like to build on this experience for 2018 and invite you to a member meeting at an event near you.


  • We would like to have a discussion on OSGeo topics for about 2 hours
  • Shall we define the topics / or we define them at the meeting?
  • Agenda for each meeting defined with your input on the wiki pages below
  • Format may be subject to change depending on numbers attending
  • Afterwards we would like to invite you for a drink and continue the discussion socially.

Find out more about the events and see you in 2018!

Un-meetings topics


The OSGeo Member Meeting took place in Bonn at BaseCamp at March 19th 2018 during the OSGeo Code Sprint. Many OSGeo enthusiasts came to Bonn and worked already for two or three days on their projects. In addition the OSGeo Baord had their Face-to-Face meeting at the weekend before the Member Meeting.

Like that about 50 people came to the Member Meeting and from the board María Arias de Reyna, Jody Garnett, Vasile Craciunescu, Michael Smith, Angelos Tzotsos and Astrid Emde were present.

María Arias de Reyna and Jody Garnett were moderating the meeting.

We started the meeting with going throught all OSGeo projects and committees and asking whether people from each project were there. It was great to see that from most of the OSGeo projects and committees delegates were present at OSGeo Code sprint. What a success. OSGeoLive project in addition reported about the schedule for the next version 12.0 which will be in July 2018 and encouraged the projects to get in touch and get involved in OSGeoLive.

TODO report from Board meeting / diversity - what did we report?

We talked about the possibility to define todos that can we be done by community members. The OSGeo Board created a new ticket system for todos where all OSGeo member are invided to take tickets and solve them.

To make the meeting more interactive all participants could write questions on post-its and pin them on a board. Maria grouped the questions to categories. The questions were read to the participants and sometimes Maria looked for a volunteer to answer the question.

The questions were quite different.

One question was about discussions on the mailing list and how difficult it is to discuss important issues on the mailing list when there is an enourmous amount of answers.

TODO more questions - examples for more questions?

The feedback to the member meeting was positive. Looks like a good way to let people involved in OSGeo get to know each other.

After the member meeting OSGeo invited all participants to a meal in BaseCamp.

Next OSGeo Member Meeting will be at FOSS4G-NA ( in May at 14th 2018 in St. Louis, Missouri - see Member_Meeting_FOSS4GNA_2018