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Metaspatial - Your Open Source Geospatial Consultancy

Metaspatial is an open source geospatial consultancy based in Germany and actively supports OSGeo as a sponsor. Metaspatial is FOSS4G sponsor, the global Open Source geospatial conference.


Find all information required to get in touch with Metaspatial on the website at

About Metapatial

From the web site

We are professional companion for your spatial requirementsand provide the technology and the know-how to get the most out of your spatial data. Metaspatial combines proven and standardized Free and Open Source technology with resource oriented architecture models to implement robust spatial data infrastructures. Metaspatial provides consulting for proven OSGeo quality software products including:

  • MapServer
  • GeoServer
  • Mapbender
  • GeoNetwork
  • OpenLayers
  • MapProxy
  • PostGIS

Agile Project Management

Metaspatial applies agile methodologies to implement sustainable spatial solutions. We respect your organizational structures and help to protect your investment. A typical implementation cycles through several phases, each of which can be iterated:

  • User Requirements
  • User Stories (iterate)
  • Drafting Work Packages (iterate)
  • Prototyping (iterate)
  • Implementation (iterate)
  • Quality assessment (iterate)
  • Production

Iterative cycles get your team up to speed effectively. Your staff will love to work this way, even if unfamiliar with agile methodologies. You will thoroughly understand the internal workings of software projects and learn how to get your implementation ready within schedule.