Montreal Code Sprint 2011 Agenda

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Montreal Code Sprint 2011 : The Rendez-vous of the Tribes

Sending out a clear message that we'd like to see members of all OSGeo tribes (C/C++, Java, JavaScript, C#, etc.) join forces for the advancement of OSGeo technologies. Last year's sprint in NYC helped foster synergies between the tribes and we want this to continue even stronger.


  • 6.0 Release work (documentation, polishing and bug fixes)
  • SVG Symbols (assefa, zak, thomas)
  • rendering features with offset + leader (assefa, zak, thomas)
  • Outputformat refactoring (don't create and initialize all default outputformats at each request) (thomas)
  • Text rendering => always use labelpathobj (thomas)
  • rasterBufferObj: premultiplied or not? (thomas, frankw)
  • INSPIRE View Services support for WMS (TomK, assefa, etc.)
  • Ruby/SWIG MapScript (JimK)
  • layer level GEOMTRANSFORM (Steve)
  • use case snippets (see OpenLayers as an example) (Steve)
  • profiling 6.0 ahead of benchmarking exercise (need feedback from Jeff/Daniel on where we sucked)


  • 3D index issues outline support whether we'll have one or 2 types of parallel indices (prefer one type even if it means putting off til 2.1)
  • 9.1 KNN GIST are we going to do or punt to 2.1
  • Left over issues with EMPTY and new more ISO compliant WKT display of geometries
  • Make geometry_columns a view rather than table - harmonize legacy with new to cause least pain
  • Possibility of preliminary X3D support in 2.0 instead of 2.1 (Olivier) ( )
  • 3D topological serialization for PolyhedralSurface and TIN (Olivier)
  • shp2pgsql (-gui)/pgsql2shp - (Jeff Adams)
   while you are at it would be really nice to investigate 
    got broken in 2.0 and a real show-stopper for PostGIS 2.0 release
  • Incubation issues -- not fun stuff, but if credits on each file or separate file, code review etc.

PostGIS raster

  • Ticket fixes Pierre: (792 & 762), 825, 633, 643, 644, 645, 651, 766, 490
  • Ticket fixes David: 582
  • Look at ticket 650 with Frank (Pierre)
  • ST_SetRotation & ST_Rotation (ticket 482) (David)
  • rt_raster_deserialize for header only in order to make get functions faster
  • pl/pgSQL script fixes (Pierre)
  • ST_MapAlgebra optimization & neighbourhood
  • ST_Intersection optimization & GDAL Polygonize with real values


  • SWIG/Ruby bindings? (JimK)
  • Merge the two MrSID Drivers (Raster and Lidar) into one


  • Discussions
    • hobu to talk about technologies, intents, and targeted platforms for libPC
    • mpg to discuss/demonstrate the Stage model that libPC sets up
    • mpg to give a small code walkthrough via projector
    • Try to get FrankW to discuss features/failures/successes of both GDAL and OGR's driver models
    • Investigate and discuss using boost-style traits for class description
    • Investigate Point Cloud Library's (PCL) template-driven point classes and their applicability and/or adaptability for libPC.
  • Technical support / Infrastructure
    • Get hg access for all sprint participants
    • Bootstrap people building libPC on their own computers (writing docs as we go)
    • hobu to stand up with Trac/HG/Sphinx
    • Add CMake detection for MG4
    • test harness for the command line apps
  • Development
    • Crib up the text, MG4, and BAG drivers
    • Add MG4/L support to libPC
    • Plan for adding octree libpc::Stage
    • finish the native LAS driver
    • flesh out the dump routines for each major class
    • light up pcinfo


  • MapFile parser, to allow a single configuration file for both MapServer and TinyOWS.

ZOO Project

  • ...

GeoPrisma / OpenLayers

  • ...


  • ...