Montreal Code Sprint 2011 Agenda

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Montreal Code Sprint 2011 : The Rendez-vous of the Tribes

Sending out a clear message that we'd like to see members of all OSGeo tribes (C/C++, Java, JavaScript, C#, etc.) join forces for the advancement of OSGeo technologies. Last year's sprint in NYC helped foster synergies between the tribes and we want this to continue even stronger.


  • 6.0 Release work (documentation, polishing and bug fixes)
  • SVG Symbols (assefa, zak, thomas)
  • rendering features with offset + leader (assefa, zak, thomas)
  • Outputformat refactoring (don't create and initialize all default outputformats at each request) (thomas)
  • Text rendering => always use labelpathobj (thomas)
  • rasterBufferObj: premultiplied or not? (thomas, frankw)
  • INSPIRE View Services support for WMS (TomK, assefa, etc.)
  • Ruby/SWIG MapScript (JimK)
  • layer level GEOMTRANSFORM (Steve)
  • use case snippets (see OpenLayers as an example) (Steve)
  • profiling 6.0 ahead of benchmarking exercise (need feedback from Jeff/Daniel on where we sucked)


  • 3D index issues outline support whether we'll have one or 2 types of parallel indices (prefer one type even if it means putting off til 2.1)
  • 9.1 KNN GIST are we going to do or punt to 2.1
  • Left over issues with EMPTY and new more ISO compliant WKT display of geometries
  • Make geometry_columns a view rather than table - harmonize legacy with new to cause least pain
  • Possibility of preliminary X3D support in 2.0 instead of 2.1 (Olivier) ( )
  • 3D topological serialization for PolyhedralSurface and TIN (Olivier)
  • shp2pgsql (-gui)/pgsql2shp - (Jeff Adams)
   while you are at it would be really nice to investigate 
    got broken in 2.0 and a real show-stopper for PostGIS 2.0 release
 Also add more regression tests for shp2pgsql,pgsql2shp
  • Incubation issues -- not fun stuff but needs to be addressed, get list of all contributors, decide if each file will have blanket copyright with reference to contributor file, what to do with files that have no copyright markings

PostGIS raster

  • Ticket fixes Pierre: (792 & 762), 825, 633, 766, 651, 490,
  • Ticket fixes David: 582
  • Ticket fixes Jorge: 851, 837
  • Look at ticket 650 (GDAL Polygonize with real values) with Frank (Pierre)
  • ST_SetRotation & ST_Rotation (ticket 482) (David)
  • rt_raster_deserialize for header only in order to make get functions faster
  • pl/pgSQL script fixes (tickets 643, 644, 645) (Pierre)
  • ST_MapAlgebra optimization & neighbourhood (David)
  • ST_Intersection optimization (David)
  • Optional tickets 165, 301, 484


  • SWIG/Ruby bindings? (JimK)
  • Merge the two MrSID Drivers (Raster and Lidar) into one


  • Discussions
    • hobu to talk about technologies, intents, and targeted platforms for libPC
    • mpg to discuss/demonstrate the Stage model that libPC sets up
    • mpg to give a small code walkthrough via projector
    • Try to get FrankW to discuss features/failures/successes of both GDAL and OGR's driver models
    • Investigate and discuss using boost-style traits for class description
    • Investigate Point Cloud Library's (PCL) template-driven point classes and their applicability and/or adaptability for libPC.
  • Technical support / Infrastructure
    • Get hg access for all sprint participants
    • Bootstrap people building libPC on their own computers (writing docs as we go)
    • hobu to stand up with Trac/HG/Sphinx
    • Add CMake detection for MG4
    • test harness for the command line apps
  • Development
    • Crib up the text, MG4, and BAG drivers
    • Add MG4/L support to libPC
    • Plan for adding octree libpc::Stage
    • finish the native LAS driver
    • flesh out the dump routines for each major class
    • light up pcinfo


  • MapFile parser, to allow a single configuration file for both MapServer and TinyOWS.

ZOO Project

  • ...

GeoPrisma / OpenLayers / GeoExt

Objectives, with (priority)

  • (1) GeoPrisma: WFS
* Add service and proxy
 * (done) Read GetFeatures
 * GetCapabilities
 * DescribeFeatureType
 * Transaction (Insert, Update, Delete)
* (done) Adapt Layer widget to add support for WFS data sources
* Adapt existing widgets currently using featureserver to support wfs as well (editing, shortcut, etc.)
  • (1) GeoPrisma: Demo with :
* (done) GeoPrisma (trunk) using the PGSQLMapContext config driver
* (done) GMap data (postgis & shapefiles)
* (done) MapServer (trunk) - WMS
* TinyOWS (trunk) - WFST (using MapServer mapfile)
* (done) MapFishPrint, supporting vector printing
* ZooProject - WPS
  • (Done) GeoExt ux - LayerTreeBuilder: make the display of a Legend widget configurable on a per-layer basis?? (instead of on per-layer type basis). Solution : new 'hideInLegend' layer property transported to the object.
  • (1) GeoExt ux - AttributeFilterPanel: add flexibility in how the Vector features are retrieved (i.e. using a Vector layer object to query an existing layer or using a Protocol object and creating a new Vector layer on the fly). This widget has a lot of overlap with GeoExt's FormPanel (in fact it was derived from it), we should try to merge the functionality of both widgets in a single one.
  • (1) GeoPrisma - AttributeFilterPanel widget: #175 - write a sample (we may need a PostgreSQL server on the machine), documentation and merge the branch to the trunk.
  • (done) GeoPrisma: #164 - Add Vector layer type support for MapFishPrint service.
  • (2) GeoExt ux - LayerTreeBuilder officialisation
* create ticket in GeoExt TRAC
* create a patch with an example and test units (with OpenLayers 2.10 and GeoExt 1.0)
* create a wiki page for the ux explaining it
* ask a review to a core commiter
* create ticket in GeoExt TRAC
* create a patch with an example and test units (with OpenLayers 2.10 and GeoExt 1.0)
* create a wiki page for the ux explaining it
* ask a review to a core commiter

If we have more time

  • (2) GeoPrisma - WPS service and proxy
  • (2) GeoExt ux - LayerTreeBuilder: add support for multiple layers when calling a WMS service.
  • (3) GeoPrisma: #168 - switch to ExtJS-style i18n for client widgets (maybe do 1 or 2 widgets as a proof-of-concept)
  • (3) GeoPrisma: #149 - deprecate the PDFPrint widget ?
  • (2) GeoPrisma: Try to setup and support mod-geocache


  • ...