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# Pure Mapping Power
# Pure Mapping Power
# Great Mapping Tools
# Great Mapping Tools
# Projecting Worlds

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We need a slogan/motto to go along with the new logo. There will need to be several different ways of using, so we will likely need a few different ones. We'll need something to follow after the shorter "OSGeo" nickname. And also something to follow the longer title: "Open Source Geospatial Foundation". See if you can avoid any words already in the title.

Please submit your possible mottos here:

  1. Your Open Source Compass (was part of Aaron's logo submission)
  2. "It's a spheroid, get over it."
  3. Open ways
  4. Open destinations (too airliner-ish, i think)
  5. Open directions
  6. Enabling Geo-Power
  7. Pure Mapping Power
  8. Great Mapping Tools
  9. Projecting Worlds