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IMPORTANT: Charter member election: nomination period ends on 2012-07-05!

The list of nominees for the 2012 Charter Member Election is maintained by the Chief Returning Officer (cro at

To submit a charter member nomination:

  • Please confirm with the nominated person first.
  • Please email with their name, contact email and paragraph describing why you are recommending this person as a Charter Member
  • Please also feel free to cc: the nomination to the OSGeo discussion list - - so the community can be nudged along and have a sense of what is going on.

The list of nominees will be maintained by the CRO here:

Name Country Notes
Barend_Kobben Netherlands From: Suchith_Anand

I would like to nominate Barend Köbben, University of Twente (ITC, Netherlands) as Charter Member of OSGeo. Barend has done excellent contributions to the educational efforts of Open Source GIS not only through his teaching and research in his university but also wider outreach programs. One good example is his short courses and workshops in Open Source GIS & WebMapping, promoting the use of the Open Source geospatial applications and data (recently one at AGILE for example, see list at ). These kind of workshops have been very successful in outreach and education efforts for OSGeo.

His full details at

Angelos Tzotsos Greece From: Cameron Shorter

I'd like to nominate Angelos Tzotsos as an OSGeo Charter member, as I believe he exemplifies many of the key qualities we look for in OSGeo Advocates.

For the last few OSGeo-Live releases, Angelos has taken responsibility for the OSGeo-Live build , then tested every application, and then worked with projects to help get them working on OSGeo-Live. He also contributes to a number of OSGeo projects, leads Greek OSGeo translations, and has presented on OSGeo topics at numerous conferences.

As per his OSGeo Advocate profile [1]:

Angelos is a remote sensing expert with background in surveying engineering and software development. He is involved in numerous activities around free and open source software and has great experience in geospatial applications. His research involves object-based image analysis, machine learning, computer vision and remote sensing. He is an active advocate of OSGeo in Greece at related conferences ...

Name Country From: Nominator

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