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The Charter Member nomination (part of the Election 2015) will be open from 2015-08-17 to 2015-08-30. The list of nominees for the 2015 Charter Member Election is maintained by the Chief Returning Officer (cro at This page is write protected and can only be edited by SysOps.

To submit a charter member nomination:

  • Please confirm with the nominated person first!
  • Please email with their name, country, contact email and paragraph describing why you are recommending this person as a Charter Member
  • Also, you might want to reference their OSGeo Advocate profile.

Note for admins: simple script to scrape this page to generate meaningful lines for the electronic voting system

The list of nominees will be maintained by the CRO here:

_#_ _______Name_______ _____Country_____ Notes Thread
1 Lene Fischer Denmark From: Anita Graser

I would like to nominate Lene Fischer for the OSGeo Charter. Lene is very active teaching open source geospatial technologies at the University of Copenhagen and helping users on the QGIS mailing list. She also organized the first international QGIS user conference combined with a QGIS developer meeting in 2015.

2 Didier Richard France From: Vincent Picavet

Didier has been a supporter of OpenSource software for Geomatics for long. He works at IGN and promotes openness and free software internally and externally. He managed the French Geoportal project, which is based on opensource software and has a big PostGIS backend.

3 Etienne Delay France From: Vincent Picavet

Etienne is president of the French OSGeo local chapter. He participated to the organization of the French opensource geospatial events in the last years (with success).

4 Julien Michel France From: Even Rouault

It is my pleasure to nominate Julien Michel, from France, for OSGeo charter membership.

Julien is best known in our community as a many year (9+) contributor to OTB, Orfeo ToolBox (, an open-source C++ library for remote sensing images processing, which is an incubating OSGeo project. Julien is a member of the OTB Project Steering Committee. He is also the main developer of Ice, a rendering engine for satellite images, based on OTB and OpenGL ( He has contribute to S2P (, a stereo pipeline which produces elevation models from images taken by high resolution optical satellites, that he has presented at FOSS4G Europe 2015. He's as well an occasional contributor to the OSSIM and ITK projects.

Beyond his development activities, Julien also regularly shares his knowledges, as he has been a workshop and FOSS4G training session organizer : OGRS 2012 (OTB), FOSS4G Europe 2015 (OTB+OSM+QGis), summer school in Brasil (2011, Monteverdi), OTB training course in Mexico (2014, OTB and QGis).

5 Pedro Venancio Portugal From: Giovanni Manghi

Pedro works with Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing for about 10 years, and over the last 5, he uses only FOSS4G. He started with the early versions of gvSIG and QGIS, then GRASS, SAGA, GDAL, R, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, MapGuide OS, MapServer, GeoServer, GeoNetwork, ... Apart from FOSS4G, he is also a user and evangelizer of FOSS in general (Linux, LibreOffice, Gimp, ...).

Over the last years, he has participated in several conferences in Portugal in the field of Civil Protection, where he has presented solutions based on FOSS4G. He also gave some workshops in the same area.

He is co-founder of the Portuguese QGIS User Group and an active member of OSGeo-PT and QGIS-PT mailing lists. He is also an active QGIS tester, bug hunter and reporter. Also collaborates with Portuguese QGIS User Group in the development of QGIS plugins.

Pedro is currently responsible for the Cartography and GIS service of Pinhel Municipality (Portugal), where develops and manages the geographic information solutions (data models, databases, geowebservices, WebGIS, spatial models), using exclusively OSGeo projects.

6 Kari Salovaara Finland From: Jeff McKenna

It is my pleasure to nominate Kari Salovaara, from Finland, as an OSGeo Charter Member. Kari has a lot of experience and a long history of development, but many will know of his tireless work translating to Finnish, software projects like QGIS, GRASS, Geopaparazzi. He is very active locally, and in fact he is part of big news about to be announced by the Finland local chapter (he was nominated as chair). It's a credit to his hard work.

Kari can be found at many FOSS4G events, and will share a laugh and talk about FOSS, with a good story to go along with it.

Kari would be a great asset as a Charter member of the foundation.

7 Peter Mooney Ireland From: Jeff McKenna

It is my pleasure to nominate Peter Mooney, from Ireland, as an OSGeo Charter Member. Peter is extremely active in OSGeo, and in fact was the chair of the 2016 FOSS4G bid for Dublin, Ireland.

Peter is also very active in the Geo For All initiative, as one of the chairs for the Europe Region, constantly assisting educators and students.

Peter's knowledge of FOSS4G covers a wide spectrum from Open software to Open Data, and he is constantly teaching, and helping students and community members. Peter's passion is really second to none.

Please welcome Peter as a Charter Member.

8 Vicky Vergara Mexico From: Regina Obe

I'd like to recommend Vicky Vergara as a charter member. Vicky has been working on pgRouting and osm2pgrouting for a while first starting with translations. This year she took more of an active role and did a good chunk of the development in upcoming pgRouting 2.1.0 and osm2pgrouting releases. Many of the new features and documentation you'll find are a credit to her. She's done lots of cleanup, documentation, mentoring GSOC students, and translation. She will also be co-training in the pgRouting Workshop in FOSS4G 2015 Korea.

Vicky is also someone who loves to teach, fluent in several languages, and creates fantastic diagrams. It's rare to find all those skills rolled up into one person. Given that teaching and documentation I find as the most important ingredients for spreading FOSS4G, I think she'll be a great addition.


9 Kurt Menke USA From: Jeff McKenna

It is my pleasure to nominate Kurt Menke, from USA, as an OSGeo Charter Member. Kurt has been active for a long time, teaching and promoting FOSS4G for over a decade. More recently Kurt has been involved in the GeoAcademy, which, if you haven't checked it out yet, has full course materials and data readily available for instructors to use with QGIS ( He also of course runs his company Bird’s Eye View.

Kurt is often found at a FOSS4G or event around the world speaking with educators and students, the future of our community.

Kurt will be a great asset for the foundation, as a Charter Member.


10 Alexander Salveson Nossum Norway From: Jeff McKenna

It is my pleasure to nominate Alexander Salveson Nossum, from Norway, as an OSGeo Charter Member. Some of you may remember Alex presenting the activities in Norway during last year's AGM meeting in Portland (

Alex has been behind FOSS4G-No (, since it began in 2013 I believe. Apparently this year the event will be focused on students and run by students, who as we all know are ultra important as the life of our community.

Alex and his company Norkart also are involved in hackathons and code sprints locally.

I have been very impressed watching the FOSS4G-Norway activities, and I believe Alex would be a strong and passionate OSGeo Charter Member.


11 Asger Sigurd Petersen Denmark From: Jeff McKenna

It is my pleasure to nominate Asger Sigurd Petersen, from Denmark, as an OSGeo Charter Member. Asger is a long-time FOSS4G vocal advocate and developer in the Danish community. When the Danish national mapping agency (Danish Geodata Agency) released all of their data as Open, Asger and others formed Septima, a company focusing on delivering innovative solutions to Danish citizens through Open software and Open data. Asger is also involved in several OSGeo projects, contributing patches and plugins for QGIS, GDAL, and others.

Asger is very well spoken, in several languages, and has been presenting at the global FOSS4G events for many years.

I ran into Asger in the hallway of FOSS4G-Como, and it was once of the most interesting talks I had that week, hearing his opinions on Open data and Open software.

Please welcome Asger's passion and knowledge into the OSGeo foundation, as a Charter member.


12 Marco Minghini Italy From: Maria Antonia Brovelli

It is my great pleasure to nominate Marco Minghini (known as "Mingo") for OSGeo Charter membership. Mingo has been an active advocate of Open Source GIS software and a regular presenter at FOSS4G events. Recently he was the co-organizer of the very successful FOSS4G 2015 Europe at Como, Italy. He has been working tirelessly to promote the development of Open Source software and data in academia and within the COST Networks (an EU funded inter-disciplinary network that involves almost 30 countries) where he is an active member. In July he organized in Como an amazing Training School "FOSS4VGI - Using Free and Open Source Software with VGI: integration, analysis and visualisation" (supported by the "COST Action TD1202 - Mapping and the Citizen Sensor" initiative), gathering students and young scientists from all over Europe. I have known and worked with Mingo for many years, starting from his bachelor thesis; he was one of my brightest students and is now an excellent researcher and promoter of Open Source geo. Those who know Mingo know his big bright smile and his endless enthusiasm. Please welcome Mingo as an OSGeo Charter member.

For the sake of simplicity I put him in CC, in such a way that he can directly confirm to be interested in such nomination.

13 Gert-Jan van der Weijden Netherlands From: Till Adams

Over the last 3 years Gert-Jan is heavy involved in the Dutch local chapter ( He was a member of the local organizing committee for the Dutch ""-day in 2012, 2013 and is once again some for the upcoming 2015 event in November. He is also involved in the local organizing committee for FOSS4G-2016. Since 2013 Gert-Jan is chair of the Dutch local chapter. Gert-Jan is especially interested in broadening the outreach of open source geospatial. He earns his money as a consultant for the Dutch ICT service provider Ordina.

14 Ko Nagase Japan From: Venkatesh Raghavan

It is my pleasure and privilege to nominate Ko Nagase as Charter Member for the 2015 elections.

Ko Nagase is not only very active in the OSGeo. JP community he also contributes to several FOSS4G projects such like QGIS (pgRouting plugin), pgRouting, OSGeo-Live and others. He possess all the requisite qualities to be a OSGeo Charter Member and will be a great to our Foundation.

He is currently a board member

15 Moritz Lennert Belgium From: Dirk Frigne

I would like to nominate Moritz Lennert for the OSGeo Charter members election:

Moritz Lennert is PSC Member and developer for GRASS GIS since a long time. He is also an OSGeo advocate.

Moritz is one of the founding members of the local chapter and he is part of the organisation team for the first FOSS4G conference in Belgium.

16 Jürgen E. Fischer Germany From: Anne Ghisla

I would like to nominate Jürgen E. Fischer for Charter Membership.

Jürgen, aka jef, is one of the most active QGIS developers and contributors ever [2], and is presently QGIS release manager and PSC member. He is active on most QGIS communication channels and in the German-speaking geospatial community (FOSSGIS e.V.).

Experience and passion for open geospatial make jef a great candidate for Charter Membership.

17 Asahi Kosuke Japan From: Venkatesh Raghavan

ASAHI Kosuke is very active in the OSGeo.JP community and the force behind the FOSS4G Hokkaido community [1] which he started in 2010 with 6 members and is presently a community of more than 200 members. He is a prolific blogger [2] helping many in the community to get started with FOSS4G tools and is also an author of the highly popular book on Opendata and QGIS [3]. Asahi-san is the one of the most famous QGIS Python programming trainer in Japan [4] and has been the main organizer for recent QGIS Hackfest Hokkaido 2015 event.

He possess all the requisite qualities to be a OSGeo Charter Member and will be a great asset to our Foundation.

He is currently a board member of OSGeo.JP and has kindly consented for the nomination.

18 Kevin Smith Canada From: Jody Garnett

I would like to nominate Kevin Smith who is the project lead for the GeoWebCache project. Kevin offers a kind, knowledgable assistance to GWC users, and has been great at cross project communication with the GeoTools and GeoServer communities.

If you get a chance to hear him present you will find a charming creative take on map making.

19 Oliver May Belgium From: Johan Van de Wauw

I'd like to nominate Oliver May as a OSGeo charter Member. Oliver May is an active member of the Geomajas project (developer and PSC). He is also a founding member of OSGeo Belgium.

Many of you may already have met Oliver, as he was presenting at a number of Foss4g conferences in the past.

20 Maëlle Vercauteren Belgium From: Vincent Picavet

I would like to nominate Maëlle Vercauteren for OSGeo Charter Member.

Maëlle is a dynamic supporter of OpenSource Geospatial technologies and OpenData. She teaches Opensource GIS at the University of Bruxelles, with a special course dedicated to developing countries professionals. She put a lot of efforts into the organization of the first Be-OpenGIS-fr event, and now contributes to the organization of FOSS4G Belgium.

21 Elżbieta Wołoszyńska-Wiśniewska Poland From: Jeff McKenna

It is my pleasure to nominate Elżbieta Wołoszyńska-Wiśniewska, from Poland, as an OSGeo Charter Member. Ela is very active globally in the GeoForAll initiative, and is also a co-editor for the GeoForAll newsletter. She teaches and gives training using QGIS to public administrators and schools, and also coordinates one of the many OSGeo-ICA-ISPRS labs.

Ela has also presented and given workshops at previous FOSS4G and QGIS events.

Please welcome Ela as a strong FOSS4G educator, to OSGeo as a Charter Member.

22 Gonzalo Gabriel Pérez Argentina From: Jeff McKenna

It is my pleasure to nominate Gonzalo Gabriel Pérez (, from Argentina, as an OSGeo Charter Member. Gonzalo is very well known as the chair of the State of the Map (SOTM) conference in 2014, bringing international guests from all over the world to Buenos Aires. He is a passionate and very active OSM contributor and leader, and is active both locally and throughout Latin America.

I saw first-hand Gonzalo's passion when I attended FOSS4G-BA in 2013, where he helped coordinate an OSM event to go along with the FOSS4G activities.

I think it is extremely important to welcome OSM leaders into OSGeo, so please welcome Gonzalo as a Charter Member.

23 Hans Gregers Petersen Denmark From: Codrina Maria Ilie

It is my great pleasure and honor to nominate Hans Gregers Petersen from Denmark for the OSGeo Charter membership. Greg is a strong believer in the Open ideology and movement. He is a vivid advocate, developer and power user of open source. Furthermore, he believes in the new paradigm of open data as he has tested its economic and social advantages by starting a new Danish company in 2013 completely based on open source and open data. Greg is also kindly giving his time and passion for sharing his knowledge through talks and FOSS4G workshops in various occasions for different organizations, for public administrations or in universities. He has been heavily involved in convincing and actively collaborating with the Danish SDI in transitioning to open source. Greg is a leader in the FOSS4G Danish community and I strongly believe that OSGeo would greatly benefit from his FOSS4G passion, his kindness and involvement.


24 Sebastiaan Couwenberg Netherlands From: Johan Van de Wauw

I'd like to nominate Sebastiaan Couwenberg (or Bas for short) as a charter member. Bas has been incredibly active in the Debian GIS project (and through that Ubuntu GIS and OSGeo live).He has packaged an enormous amount of applications [1]. These include most of the cornerstones of a FOSS4G system such as GDAL, GRASS and QGIS. But perhaps even more importantly he has been active mentoring other packagers and writing our guidelines for packaging [2].

His eye for detail often uncovered issues in many of our libraries and programs, for which he often prepared patches, improving life even for those of you not using Debian or Ubuntu

25 Daria Svidzinska Ukraine From: Alexander Bruy

I'd like to nominate Daria Svidzinska for OSGeo Charter Membership.

Daria is experienced user and great supporter of open source geospatial. She works in the educational sector, promote open GIS software and data. Active user of the SAGA and QGIS, she is an author and co-author of the books about this programs. As active member of local QGIS community she participate in the QGIS GUI and documentation translation process as well as develop documentation and training materials for Ukrainian users.

Daria also is co-founder of the first Ukrainian ICA-OSGeo Lab (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv). As an ICA-OSGeo Lab member and co-founder she participate in many local and global GIS-related projects and FOSS4G conferences.

26 Javier Díaz Argentina From: María Arias de Reyna

Some of you may know Javier from the FOSS4G Buenos Aires that took place in 2013. Javier is a member of GeoInquietos Argentina, fan of the Rafagas list and an active member of the Spanish list of OsGeo. He is currently working on the Municipio de Lanús SDI.

27 Marc Vloemans Netherlands From: Just van den Broecke

It is my pleasure to nominate Marc Vloemans as Charter Member for the 2015 elections.

Marc Vloemans is currently a board member of the Local Chapter/foundation and member of the LOC for FOSS4G 2016. He is an accomplished market developer cum evangelist for open spatial IT. As an international presenter, lobbyist, writer, marketeer and entrepreneur he has contributed to the dissemination of projects - such as PostGIS, GeoServer and OpenLayers - among end-users and decision makers.

I am convinced that his technical-commercial qualities will complement those present within the Foundation.


28 Jean-Marie Arsac France From: Vincent Picavet

I would like to nominate the following persons for OSGeo Charter members :

Jean-Marie is the treasurer of the French OSGeo local chapter and participated to the organization of the French opensource geospatial events in the last years (with success).

29 Byeong-Hyeok Yu South Korea From: Heegu Park

It is my pleasure to nominate Byeong-Hyeok Yu from USA, as an OSGeo Charter Member. Byeong-Hyeok is one of few GIS specialists at Korea National Park Service and has actively used Open Source GIS to analyze GIS data for the environment or service in National Parks in South Korea. He has also taught the way of using QGIS for National Parks to park rangers or Government people. He made a guide book about QGIS applications for National Parks in South Korea and it became official and published Government training portal. I think his activities, contribution and passion for GIS made Korea National Park Service's eyes open toward Open Source GIS.

He has actively participated in FOSS4G Korea event and socialized with FOSS4G members. He has passion for GIS and Open Source and definitely He will be a great asset for the foundation, as a Charter Member.


30 Oscar López Argentina From: Jeff McKenna

It is my pleasure to nominate Oscar López, from Argentina, as an OSGeo Charter Member. Oscar is a member of the Geoinquietos local micro-chapter of OSGeo. Oscar is a very active developer and Open Source preacher, and has been promoting FOSS4G for over a decade in the Buenos Aires region. He is constantly developing Open Source tools for his local community.

As plans for another FOSS4G-BA begin for 2016, I think it is very important to welcome Oscar as an OSGeo Charter Member, for all of his local work promoting Open Source geo.

31 Mayumi Kubo Japan From: Jeff McKenna

It is my pleasure to nominate Mayumi Kubo, from Japan, as an OSGeo Charter Member. Mayumi is a force in the OSGeo-Japan chapter, and is a current member of its Board. She helps organize the yearly FOSS4G-Hokkaido event in her home region of Sapporo. She also develops training courses for QGIS and GRASS. Mayumi is also very well known for helping develop the "Sapporo Childcare Map" for parents to locate day-care centers, through the Code For Sapporo project.

Mayumi is a very active leader, full of life and energy, so please welcome her as a Charter member of OSGeo.

32 Alex Morega Romania From: Vasile Craciunescu

I am happy to nominate Alex Morega to be an OSGeo Charter Member. I know him for about 5 years and occasionally had the pleasure of working together for different code sprints and hackathons. As Alex has a strong background in computer science, I happily witnessed his transition to geo-related coding. Alex is strongly involved in most activities of the Romanian OSGeo Local Chapter and has actively participated to numerous international FOSS4G related events.

33 Kenya Tamura Japan From: Hirofumi Hayashi

I would like to nominate Kenya Tamura as Charter Member for the 2015 elections. Kenya Tamura is very active in young generation of the OSGeo.JP community and the force behind the Inoushachu NPO which he started with some members and contribute many GIS trainig materials using FOSS4G tools and others.[3]

Since 2010, He has started to learn about FOSS4G tools at Nara University and supported many events as a leader of volunteer students. Currently He supports QGIS, OpengeoSuite and Cesium training in Japan.

He possess all the requisite qualities to be a OSGeo Charter Member and will be a great asset to our Foundation in the future.

He is currently a board member of OSGeo.JP and has kindly consented for the nomination.


34 Go Yonezawa Japan From: Daisuke Yoshida

I would like to nominate Dr. Go Yonezawa for the Charter Member 2015 election.

Dr. Yonezawa is an associate professor at Graduate School for Creative Cities, Osaka City University. Recently, he has being researched on spatio-temporal changes in urban cities in Vietnam utilizing FOSS4G, and he has taught various FOSS4G tools in his lectures and educated many master and doctoral students with GIS related topics. He especially has many contributions to Vietnam and other asian countries by organizing GIS related international symposium through his projects. I strongly believe that he would contribute to promote OSGeo by educating students or public people with OSGeo products or related research projects.

35 Yuichiro Nishimura Japan From: Yoichi Seino

Yuichiro Nishimura is a geographer and a teacher at university in Japan. He is also the board member of OSGeo.JP and OSM Foundation Japan. His research interest are time-geography, socio-economic geography, GIS and society, critical GIS. He is a very active user, trainer and promoter of OSGeo Software and Open Data. He is often engaged in teaching OSGeo Software at several national and international workshops.

I strongly nominate him as a Charter Member!

36 David Bianco USA From: Michael Smith

I'm pleased to nominate David Bianco, from USA, for OSGeo Charter Membership. Dave is a long time member of the California Chapter and also an active attendee at many FOSS4Gs conferences (since 2008). Dave also teaches workshops at City College of San Francisco on Open-Source Web Mapping. Finally, you can find Dave at FOSS4G-Seoul in a few weeks, of course.

37 Alvin Natividad Philippines From: Perry Nacionales

I would like to nominate Alvin Natividad for OSGeo charter membership.

Alvin is a civil engineer and an educator in Palawan, Philippines who actively uses and promotes the use of OSGeo software and other open source tools. One of the projects he's currently involved in with the provincial government of the Palawan is Tax mapping. He's using QGIS (and LibreCAD), having successfully dissuade the government from using the more expensive commercial alternatives. He is also currently working on profile surveys for Puerto Princesa City water district (Puerto Princesa is the capital of Palawan), and having his team work on similar surveys in other cities. In addition, he teaches GIS for Civil and Geodetic engineering students in two of the biggest universities in Palawan. He does all these using QGIS/Grass. Avin plans to conduct more training using QGIS/Grass and LibreCAD, and to create QGIS extensions using C++ and python.

I believe Alvin would be a great addition to the OSGeo charter membership as he would work tirelessly to get open source GIS and software set root and grow in an otherwise remote part of this world.