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This is a page is about how news gets posted for

News Editor

News for goes through a news editor that ensures some degree of consistency and appropriateness. Currently the news editor is Frank Warmerdam with backup editor Jo Walsh.

The project at will be used as the portal for all project news and site news. Major announcements and OSGeo-specific news will also have pointers from the main WWW project's Announcement function. On further consideration, I'm not sure we even need the project, and I would suggest we just move all the content currently on it to the project.

Submitting News

I believe we plan to setup a "news" mailing list to which the editor, and backup editor would be subscribed. Projects, committees or other interested parties can submit a news item to that mailing list. Then the editor (or if they are unavailable, the backup editor) would take care of formatting the item for consistency and putting it on the page. If the item is considered important enough, it would also appear on the main page.

It might also be reasonable for the news mailing list to be "subscribed" to an email feed from the various project announcement do-hickies, but I'm not really sure if they produce email or if this is worthwhile since the announce feature isn't currently much used.

On occation the news editors may also post items based on stuff they see happening without explicit direction, though this isn't the main task of the editor.

Mechanics of Posting

This is still very unclear. I think the major announcements will go into an "announcements" box on the main page, but I'm not sure how. I imagine that the page's main page will be a list of news item summaries, with links to subsiduary pages with more complete details. I guess these HTML pages would be produced manually by the editor(s). Much of this is "yet to be determined".

VisCom Press Releases

Some effort should also be made to ensure that any VisCom press releases make it into the news stream, and vice versa that major announcements are proposed to viscom as press releases. (need to link to viscom pr page...)