OL3-Google-Maps-GSoC 2017 Ideas

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This page lists some ideas for the 2017 Google Summer of Code program with OL3-Google-Maps.

Project Information


  • have a cleaner way to manage Google Maps layers within OLGM without having to create sibling components within Google Maps
  • ensures the perfect animation synchronization of both OpenLayers and Google Maps while zooming and panning
  • support more features within the library, such as clusters and other features mentioned under the "limitations" of the library
  • convert the code to ES6
  • remove all dependencies to the Closure Library
  • support the latest version of OpenLayers
  • various bug fixes that have been raised on GitHub by users of the library
  • various features that have been asked on GitHub by users of the library

And, of course and most importantly, your ideas are welcome as well!