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There is no such thing as a Project Administrator of this Wiki. This Wiki is the place for comprehensive discussion of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation. Check out the http://www.osgeo.org site for stable information and individual projects and their respective Project Steering Committees. This Wiki is operated by the SAC:Primary Administrators. From a technical perspective they maintain the server, software, database and they make backups.

Informational Pollution

To prevent excessive Spam on this Wiki every new user needs to confirm that she is a human by answering to a confirmation mail sent out when creating a new account. Make sure that you add an email address to your user information that you can confirm later. You can change that Email any time by editing your personal settings.

Whenever a spam robot spills informational waste the WikiSysop comes into action and exerts pollution control. These methods include IP blocks, page protections, etc. Whenever you feel that the Wiki is being polluted on purpose please contact one of the Sysops of this Wiki


"Informational Pollution" does not translate into "Stupid Edit" or "Wrong Opinion". Whenever you think someone edited something stupid, or wrong - go hack it yourself and do not bother the administrators with it. They will only react to repeated mechanical spamming and direct order from the president. If somebody appears to put stupid comments in the Wiki it might be a Troll. Trolls are very important for the health of a Wiki community although sometimes they can really get on your nerves because they mess up everything. Well, they are Trolls. Nonetheless in a healthy ecosystem you need all kinds to make a world, be it informational, environmental or technical.

There is no such thing as a final truth. Not the way our minds work. All and everything that we can do is to communicate some idea in words. Compared to a heavy bludgeon this is about the most unreal thing imaginable. Unreal thoughts cannot be true or wrong then, can they? See, it should not really hurt anybody if there is something inside that you do not consider to be the truth. If you want to amend it, go hack the Wiki and explain your point of view. This is called communication, trying to understand the truth of somebody else is the one essential part, the other being the ability to explain the own point of view. Ignorance is what prevents this from happening. Ignorance can be amended, thats why we have this Wiki here.


In some larger Wikis administrator privileges have been misused to change content or prevent people from changing content. If you think that a WikiSysop has done something like this, report it. There are plenty of mailing lists, IRC chats and individuals who you can contact.