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The OSGeo-Live Project Steering Committee (PSC) is the official managing body of OSGeo-Live and is responsible for setting overall project direction. The committee is drawn from the OSGeo-Live community and is based on merit and interest.


Decisions are based on voting using the following:

  • +1 : For
  • +0: Mildly for, but mostly indifferent
  • 0: Indifferent
  • -0: Mildly against, but mostly indifferent
  • -1 : Strongly against. This is expected to be accompanied by a reason.

For most decisions, a motion is raised within one of the OSGeo-Live open forums (IRC, email list, etc) and those present vote and decide. Should a decision:

  • Be strategic or impact many within OSGeo-Live,
  • Or if there be contention in deciding, and after discussion at least one member is still strongly against the motion, by continuing to vote -1,

Then the motion should be referred to the PSC.

For motions presented to the PSC, a motion is considered passed when there are more PSC +1 votes than -1 votes, and either all PSC members have voted, or 4 days have passed. In the case of a tie, the PSC chair shall have 1.5 votes.

PSC Members

  • Angelos_Tzotsos (Chair)
  • Brian M Hamlin
  • Cameron Shorter
  • Alex Mandel
  • Johan Van de Wauw
  • Bas Couwenberg
  • Massimo De Stefano
  • Astrid Emde
  • Ben Caradoc-Davies
  • Nicolas Roelandt
  • Vicky Vergara

Our thanks to previous PSC members:

  • Hamish Bowman

Selection of new PSC members is determined by PSC vote. PSC members may retire any time. If a PSC member becomes inactive for many months they may be invited to retire, and if unresponsive they may be removed by the existing PSC.

Expectations of PSC members

  • Regularly contribute to OSGeo-Live or related activities
  • Help with whatever dirty work is required to keep the project moving forward
  • Monitor OSGeo-Live conversations, either in weekly IRC meetings, or on the email list, and contribute constructively where appropriate
  • Vote promptly (within days) to motions being raised

Credit: This management process draws heavily from other OSGeo project PMC processes.