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Draft budget to be discussed in December board meeting, see OSGeo Budget 2018 and Finance Committee#Documents for prior years.

OSGeo Board

OSGeo board operates according to our bylaws providing vision and direction for our foundation. The board has also taken on responsibility setting for an annual budget, building partner relationships, sponsorship program and code sprints.

Board 2019 Notes
Admin 3,000 Operational expenses including insurance, tax filing fees, accountant, bank fees.
Travel 15,000 Outreach focus
Partners and Sponsors 2,000 relationship building, attending b2b functions, foss4g/foss4ge/foss4gna/foss4g-asia breakfast meetings
Code Sprints 20,500 board responsible for handling code sprint requests, breakdown covered below
Events 10,000 Consider supporting events, to avoid confusing code sprint program above

OSGeo Committees

The following committees have been formed to fulfill out goals as an organization, each committee is provided a mandate, with the chair of the committee represented as an officer of our organization.

  • Code of Conduct Committee
  • Conference Committee
  • GeoForAll - committee acting as advisory board for the GeoForAll Initiative
  • Incubation Committee - committee providing hands-on support for project teams adopting open source principles and practice.
  • Marketing Committee - outreach and advocacy support
  • Open GeoScience Committee
  • System Administration Committee - foundation infrastructure
  • UN Committee - committee responsible for our participation in the UN Open GIS program
OSGeo Committees 2019 Notes
SAC TBD pending request
Open GeoScience TBD pending request
Conference pending request, expect TGP request
Marketing TBD pending request, not no active chair
GeoForAll TBD pending request
UN Committee TBD Pending request
OSGeo Incubation TBD focused on incubation, community projects broken out separately below

Total Committees Budget for 2019: TBD

OSGeo Initiatives

OSGeo initiatives have formed to pursue a specific short term, or long term goal. Initiatives maybe formed by a committee or the board as required. Iniativies a great way to collaborate with projects, committees and partners.

  • GeoForAll - education and research program produced in collaboration with our partners
  • FOSS4G - event series produced in collaboration with the conference committee and local chapters
  • Local Chapters - outreach initiative establishing regional OSGeo groups for direct grassroots advoacacy
  • Open GeoScience - outreach and advocacy geoscience community
  • GSoC - coordinate participation in google-summer-of-code and code-in activities
  • OSGeoLive - outreach initiative providing
  • Meta CRS - interoperability initiative promoting data sharing with cross project spatial reference system compatibility
  • Trave Grant Program - provides assistance for attending OSGeo events
OSGeo Initiatives 2019 Notes
FOSS4G Managed by Conference Committee
Local Chapters Managed by board, no direct funding requests
Open GeoScience Managed by Open Geo Science Committee
GSoC Previously had requests to help students attend events
OSGeoLive 0 Now an initiative of the OSGeoLive project
Meta CRS Critical group for our interoperability goal, ask participants if they need any assistance
Travel Grant Program TBD Previous years used 10k commitment + 10k matching sponsor donations

Total Initiatives Budget for 2019: TBD

OSGeo Projects

OSGeo Projects each have a project steering committee, the chair of which is acknowledged as a foundation officer with spending authority on behalf of their committee.


  • Note this is a budget, representing planned spending in 2019 - actual balance available to each PSC (from fundraising, donations and sponsorship) may be considered when planning.
OSGeo Project 2019 Notes
MapGuide Open Source

Total Projects Budget for 2019: TBD

Community Projects

Community projects act through the board as they do not have a project officer.

Community Project 2019 Notes

Total Community Projects Budget for 2019: TBD

Code Sprints

We have asked project teams for guidance to help set our code sprint budget:

  • please note our Code Sprint Guidelines ask for event details, budget and fundraising on your part.
  • Code sprint funding is setup to help carry funds from one event to the next allowing us to hold more code-sprints with a smaller annual budget.
  • Out priority is to share the risk with organizers allowing access to funds early to book facilities as required
  • We had requests to fund sprints that were part of larger events, these escaped our 2017 planning but were still funded to the best of our abilities
Sprint Request 2019 Notes
OSGeo annual code sprint
PostGIS Code Sprint
Bolsena Code Sprint
Small Code Sprints 10,000

Total Code Sprint Budget for 2019: TBD

These funds are approved as part of the board budget for 2018.

Approval and Amendments