OSGeo California Chapter 2016 Annual Meeting

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Every year the California OSGeo Chapter is required to have an annual meeting. Our 2016 Annual Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, November 15.

Goals discussed so far include increasing attendance and improving diversity in gender, culture, race, and employment sector.


To be determined.


  • Talks: Work flows & problem solving, Student talks, Lightning talks; Topics: Drone laws, social justice, agriculture
  • Workshop or group learning of skills: QGIS Plugin Development, Python for geospatial analysis
  • UnConference What is an UnConference? Participants organize themselves into groups interested in a particular topic to have discussions and informal learning sessions. For example, a group might decide to explore data sources, and another group might discuss drone systems. We'll explain more and organize on the day of the event.

Directions & Parking

To be determined.

Exact Location

To be determined.


To be determined.

Map for Directions

To be determined.


In Town

To be determined.

Out of Town

To be determined.


To be determined.


Links to previous meetings: