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The following declarations form the basis of the statement of OSGeo Mission and Goals


To support the development of open source geospatial software, and promote its widespread use.


The following more detailed goals support the overall mission.

  • To provide resources for foundation projects - infrastructure, funding (Fundraising), legal, ...
  • To promote freely available geodata - free software is useless without data (Public Geospatial Data Project)
  • To promote the use of open source software in the geospatial industry (not just foundation software) - PR, training, outreach, ... Promotion and Visibility Committee
  • To encourage the implementation of open standards and standards-based interoperability in foundation projects.
  • To ensure a high degree of quality in foundation projects in order to build and preserve the foundation "brand".
  • To make foundation and related software more accessible to end users - binary "stack" builds, cross package documentation, etc.
  • To provide support for the use of OSGeo software in education via curriculum development, outreach, and support (Core Curriculum Project).
  • To encourage communication and cooperation between OSGeo communities on different language (ie Java/C/Python) and operating system (Win32, Unix, MacOS) platforms.
  • To support use and contribution to foundation projects from the worldwide community through internationalization of software and community outreach.
  • To operate an annual OSGeo Conference, possibly in cooperation with related efforts (ie. EOGEO).
  • To award the Sol Katz award for service to the OSGeo community.