OSGeo Virtual Community Sprint 2020/Summary

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Day 1

Welcome session/kick-off meeting (25 participants?)

  • Overview by Angelos T
  • round table of sprint planning

Daily Report (15 participants)

  • OGC API (Gobe H)
  • pgRouting (Vicky V)
  • GDAL (Even R)
  • pdal (Pierre A)
  • geopython (Tom K, Angelos T)
  • OSGeoLive (Vicky V, Angelos T)
  • OGC teamengine (Gobe H)
  • GeoServer/MapML (Peter R)
  • GRASS (Denis O)
  • MapServer (Stephan)
  • UbuntuGIS (Angelos T)
  • MobilityDB (Esteban, Mahmoud)

Day 2

Kick-off meeting (5 participants?)

  • EOEPCA presentation

Daily Report (x participants)

Day 3

What worked well

What can we improve

What will we commit to for the next virtual sprint