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  • FOSS4G 2006 - Open Source Geospatial Communities JOINT CONFERENCE - September 12-15 2006, Lausanne, Switzerland. This conference will unite the MapServer, GRASS, EOGEO, and other Open Source communities at an international venue.
  • See http://www.foss4g2006.org/

To Do

  • What is to be done?
  • Will OSGeo have booth space, or do we need to ask the organisers about it?
  • Will we want to distrib brochures, flyers if so how to produce them.
  • Do people who are attending not have t-shirts and how can they get them.
  • Do we want a demo CD to hand out, during presentations if nothing else
  • Demofest, to we want to clump togehter, or stange interoptability between products?
  • Theme, do we want to have a point?

OSGeo related talks and sessions



When and where?

  • Binary Distribution Builders by FrankW (submitted)
  • Public Geodata BOF by Jo (submitted)
  • Towards a Web Map Tiling Standard by Schuyler
  • Education committee BoF proposed by Ari (will happen Tuesday at 18.00, meet at GRASS workshop)
  • GeoTools is 10 years old, Birthday BOF
  • ka-map/openLayers merging discussions by Lorenzo Becchi
  • Perl BoF proposed by Ari (Thursday lunch?)


  • Frank Warmerdam
  • Gary Lang

Talk Presentations

  • Jo is doing a talk "Have a Nice Metadata" about the work the Geodata Committee has been doing on simplest-useful-thing metadata models and exchange interfaces
  • Please add your talk title / topic here - there must be dozens, right?

Breakout session ideas

  • Geospatial Metadata Syndication - see Simple Catalog Interface
  • Tiling WMS, some talk of GeoServer and uDig implementation of GetTile

People planning to attend

  • most OSGeo folks