OSGeo at GeoWeb2006

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  • Michael is doing a presentation for OSGeo
  • Gary is doing a presentation for Autodesk
  • Ian is doing a presentation ([1]) for PSU
  • Some Autodesk booth space may be available for OSGeo brochures, etc. VisCom to confirm this.


  • Michael Gerlek
  • Gary Lang
  • Jason Birch
  • Ian Turton

OSGeo Meetup

Tentative dinner on the 25th:

  • Dave Patton(dpatton on #osgeo) lives in Vancouver, and would like to meet with OSGeo members who are attending GeoWeb.
    • I'm not attending GeoWeb myself, but I'm open to meeting for dinner and/or drinks, and I could help out at the conference if needed.
    • Update : due to unexpected circumstances, I do not know if I'll be in Vancouver at the time of GeoWeb
  • Some suggestions(from Dave) for dinner places:
    • Vij's - no reservations(may be a wait), very good food, popular
    • C - probably need a reservation, great seafood
    • Yoshi's on Denman - Sushi, Frank W and I met there when he was in town