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* TZ GMT+10
* TZ GMT+10
** Cameron Shorter
** Cameron Shorter
* TZ GMT+3
** Awase Khirni Syed
*TZ GMT+9  
*TZ GMT+9  
**Venkatesh Raghavan  
**Venkatesh Raghavan  

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Contributors by Interest

The following are individuals who have self-identified themselves as interested in contributing or assisting with Education and Curriculum Committee projects. You are welcome to add yourself to the list and identify areas that you are particular familiar with or interested in contributing to.

  • George R. C. Silva (TZ GMT-3)
  • Puneet Kishor (TZ GMT-6)
  • Ari Jolma (TZ GMT+2) (graduate level education MS, PhD; academic research; primary school education)
  • Markus Neteler (TZ GMT+1) (general training/education materials; educational datasets)
  • Awase Khirni Syed (TZ GMT+3) (undergraduate/ graduate level education MS, PhD; educational datasets, open source urban data systems, open source geospatial software developement and training, GIScience Certification Mechanisms, experience in International training, open source geospatial sensing platforms, academic research on source collaboration.)
  • Venkatesh Raghavan (TZ GMT+9)(training/education material; educational datasets, software packaging, translation, e-learning Course Management Systems, Moodle,Certification Mechanisms, experience in international training)
  • Charlie Schweik (Chair) (TZ GMT-5) (undergraduate and graduate level education; academic research on open source collaboration, public sector information technology, natural resource management)
  • Pericles Nacionales (general training/education materials; conservation and natural resource management)
  • Ned Horning (Winter: GMT-5 Summer: GMT -4) (Interested in promoting open source software development and integrating open source into the conservation community)
  • Tyler Mitchell (TZ GMT-8) (interested in workshop material and curriculum development for high school through to university)
  • Arnulf Christl (TZ GMT+2) (Experience as GIS instructor for fulltime workshops, trainings and courses. Organization of commercial training courses with Open Source Geospatial Software. Preparation of course and presentation material, tutorials). (Interest in enhancing presentation material, publishing under Free license, in time hardcopy production, maintenance and update of content just as any OS dev project)
  • Shaun Walbridge (TZ GMT-8) (academic research on open source collaboration; general training/education materials; educational datasets)
  • Matthew Perry (TZ GMT-8) (primarily interested in workshops/lab materials for university students, NGOs and using open source software to demonstrate all fundamental aspects of GIS (theory and practice). Also interested in seeing 'official' training courses and certification)
  • Ian Turton : Penn State Uni, State College, developed Open Web Mapping course at Uni of Leeds, UK [1] now modifying it for PennState. ianturton at gmail com work blog
  • Aaron Racicot (TZ GMT-8) (Interested in fostering more collaboration with academia through the introduction of open source GIS in the curriculum. Mainly interested in Undergraduate and Graduate level education and industry (NGO's and for-profit) collaboration. Certification is also an interest.)
  • Helena Mitasova (TZ GMT-5) NCSU, Raleigh,NC, GRASS PSC member, interested in graduate level education and research, development of tutorials and workshops, educational dataset, publishing books and journal articles
  • Maria Antonia Brovelli (TZ GMT+1) (Polytechnic of Milan and Polytecnic of Zurich, interested in Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctorat level education; academic research on new algorithms developed within open source GIS, on public sector information technology and NSDI, on environment and territory management)
  • Victor Olaya (TZ GMT+1) Spanish Free GIS Book PSC Member. University of Extremadura, Spain. Sextante Proyect [2]. Interested in creating a free GIS book in spanish and english, and in finding out how both the spanish and the english teams can collaborate and help each other.
  • Massimiliano Cannata (TZ GMT+1) (Institute of Earth Sciences - University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland, Graduate and Continuing education; research and development in the field of Web-GIS and Environmental Modelling; consultant for the public administration authorities on environment, land and natural resources management)
  • Bobby H. Braswell (TZ GMT-5) (developing documentation in the form of tutorial modules for training and education, especially related to earth science and remote sensing research)
  • Vincent Picavet (TZ GMT+1) OSGeo Francophone local chapter and Makina Corpus, FLOSS company. Interested in workshops and courses for FOSS GIS web applications and infrastructures. Particular interest in French language material, translation, and coordination between multi-languages groups.
  • Bill Woodall (TZ GMT-8) (Interested in workshops/labs for Youth, primarily for 4-H Youth Development Program )
  • Mark Leslie (TZ GMT+10) Interested in workshop and lab material for a general or technical audience.
  • Moritz Lennert (TZ GMT+1) (University undergraduate GIS teaching lab and training course for professionals from "developing" countries; e-learning)
  • Nigel Trodd (TZ GMT+0) (Developed University undergraduate and postgraduate GIS and remote sensing courses for UNIGIS [3] and Coventry University (UK) campus for geoimaging and geoinformatics [4]; curriculum development, pedagogic and design issues as they pertain to GI novices and professionals; e-learning; interested in collaborating to develop courses for niche application domains, such as environmental hazards, that build on common materials)
  • Lorenzo Becchi (TZ GMT+1) (Web GIS developer, FAO cunsultant, interested in everything that can help reducing Digital Divide worldwide and support open knowledge, supporting the spanish GIS book)
  • Martin Weis (TZ GMT+1) Geodesy/GIS in the agricultural sector/university: I would like to prepare courses and material for the use of FOSS in precision farming. Desktop GIS and SDI are to be integrated for this. 2008 I will have a GIS course, let's see what can be done...
  • Scott Mitchell (TZ GMT-5) Courseware, tutorials and workshops for FOSS4G tools in general, but have been especially interested / involved in GRASS, GDAL/OGR (user perspective), QGIS, Mapserver; would be interested in contributing to books projects, but time commitments prevent much from me until 2008.
  • Kevin Yam (TZ GMT-5) Primarily interested in promoting open source software training, workshop and lab materials for university students, NGOs, public sectors.
  • Marco Ciolli (TZ GMT+1) (University of Trento. General training/education materials; graduate level education MS, PhD; academic research; forestry; natural resource management and environmental hazard.)
  • Clara Tattoni (TZ GMT+1) (University of Trento. General training/education materials; graduate level education MS; research; natural resource management; wildlife conservation and management.)
  • User:Astrid Emde (TZ GMT+2) (Experience as GIS instructor for workshops and courses. Organization of commercial training courses with Open Source Geospatial Software.(Mapbender, UMN MapServer, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, WMS/WFS, GeoServer) Preparation of course and presentation material, tutorials. Interest in enhancing presentation material)
  • Martin Dresen (TZ GMT+1) (Interest in developing Desktop GIS tutorials, exercises, presentations for university courses, further education, advanced training - especially in german!)
  • Suchith Anand [5] (TZ GMT+0) (Interested in Open source GIS course and curriculum development, GIS education and training, Primary research interests in location based services, mobile GIS, automated generalization, optimization techniques etc)
  • Paul Flemming (TZ GMT-5) (Would be interested in helping to develop material for use in Senior elementary, grades 5 to 8, and High Schools to promote and explain the use of GIS in the real world)
  • Luca Casagrande (TZ GMT+1) Main developer of the Ominiverdi Livecd Project
  • Vasile Crăciunescu (TZ GMT+2) Manager of the geo-spatial.org project (a collaborative effort by and for the Romanian community to facilitate the sharing of geospatial knowledge and the discovery and publishing of free geographic datasets and maps)
  • Robert Szczepanek (TZ GMT+1) tutorials, exercises for QGIS and GRASS; lab materials and datasets for students and public sector; hydrometeo processes modelling
  • Gerry James (TZ GMT-8) Interested in workshop and course materials that can be used by educators and consultants.
  • Dan Putler (TZ GMT-8) (Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia, PSC member of PAGC). Interested in course materials for undergraduate and graduate instruction on both basic GIS understanding and skills, and the use of GIS to address business problems. Research on new methods to improve geospatial analysis to address business problems, particularly as they relate to marketing).
  • Rick Rupp (TZ GMT-8) (GIS/Remote Sensing instructor at Washington State University) I'm interested in geospatial teaching materials and methods for undergraduate and graduate education. My research interests are in natural resources and data infrastructures.
  • Nimalika Fernando (TZ GMT+5.30) Interested and involved in developing teaching materiel on introductory level GIS,Basic web-GIS,lab worksheets based on QGIS/MapServer
  • Andrew Hunter (TZ GMT-7) (Geomatics Engineering, University of Calgary) General GIS training and education. Interests in open source and open data
  • Cameron Shorter (TZ GMT+10) One of the coordinators of OSGeo-Live DVD, and we at LISAsoft are providing GeoSpatial Open Source training in Australia.
  • Benjamin Branch (TZ GMT+5) Educational researcher in spatial thinking & cost analysis delivery (k-12 & Higher Ed, workfrce traning)

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Contributors by Time Zones

This should help in planning meetings. If you are not here yet, please add your info, or let me know and I will do so. Going from East to West, we have --

  • TZ GMT+10
    • Cameron Shorter
  • TZ GMT+3
    • Awase Khirni Syed
  • TZ GMT+9
    • Venkatesh Raghavan
  • TZ GMT+2
    • Ari Jolma
    • Arnulf Christl
    • Vasile Crăciunescu
  • TZ GMT+1
    • Markus Neteler
    • Maria Antonia Brovelli
    • Massimiliano Cannata
    • Vincent Picavet
    • Marco Ciolli
    • Clara Tattoni
    • Olutoyin Justus Oloniteru
    • Martin Dresen
    • Luca Casagrande
    • Robert Szczepanek
  • TZ GMT+0
    • Suchith Anand
    • Nigel Trodd
  • TZ GMT-3
    • George R. C. Silva
  • TZ GMT-5
    • Ian Turton
    • Ned Horning
    • Charlie Schweik, Maria Fernandez, Alexander Stepanov, Rob Braswell
    • Scott Mitchell
  • TZ GMT-6
    • Phillip Davis
    • Puneet Kishor
    • Pericles Nacionales
  • TX GMT-7
    • Andrew Hunter
  • TZ GMT-8
    • Tyler Mitchell
    • Shaun Walbridge
    • Matthew Perry
    • Aaron Racicot
    • Bill Woodall
    • Gerry James
    • Dan Putler
    • Rick Rupp