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See the Education_and_Curriculum_Committee page for the list of initial committee members.

The following are individuals who have self-identified themselves as interested in contributing or assisting with Education_and_Curriculum_Committee projects. You are welcome to add yourself to the list and identify areas that you are particular familiar with or interested in contributing to.

  • Puneet Kishor (chair)
  • Ari Jolma
  • Markus Neteler
  • Venkatesh Raghavan
  • Charlie Schweik (undergraduate and graduate level education; academic research on open source collaboration, public sector information technology, natural resource management)
  • Pericles Nacionales (general training/education materials; conservation and natural resource management)
  • Ned Horning
  • Helena Mitasova (graduate level education MS, PhD; academic research)
  • Tyler Mitchell (interested in workshop material and curriculum development for high school through to university)